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Get Your Avurudu Kevili Fix Through PickMe Food

Places to get your last minute kevili fix through PickMe Food.

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Avurudu is just a few days away, and there's no one to make kevum for you?
Worry no more, because PickMe Food has teamed up with a bunch of restaurants to get your last minute avurudu kevili fix! 

Niyamai Kitchen (Nugegoda)

Niyamai Kitchen does a decent packet of buth, for a very low cost, and we like them for that. And we are starting to like them even more for whipping up avurudu treats. They've got all your favourites - kokis, athirasa, konda kevum, welithalapa, and even pani walalu. Hurry up and grab them soon - they are available only until 12th of April. 

Dilhani Kalu Dodol (Nugegoda)

Ah Kalu Dodol! Who would hate this dark-coloured, gooey, sticky muscat-like candy that is made with coconut milk, rice flour and jaggery? If you prefer to get them delivered on to your avurudu kevili table, this avurudu season, or any time of the year, try Dilhani Kalu Dodol.

Bombay Sweet Mahal (Wellawette/Nugegoda)

When it comes to Indian sweets, Bombay Sweet Mahal is one of the popular and reliable options. From crispy jalebi, sweet halva to spicy and meaty samosas, it's a name that has been praised time and time again. This time around, Bombay Sweet Mahal offers a whole bunch of traditional avurudu sweets too - kokis, mung kevum and the likes. 

Their Wellawatte branch delivers these goodies through PickMe Food until 15th of April, while the Nugegoda branch does it all through April month, until the 30th. 

Green Cabin

Veering off from the traditional avurudu kevili, Green Cabin serves up some special avurudu-themed cakes. Both of their chocolate cake, and chocolate fudge cake have avurudu decorations - which would be a lovely addition to your avurudu kevili table this year, and also the perfect gift for your loved ones. They've got some other interesting stuff like bibikkan. The cakes will be available on PickMe Food delivery from 11th of April onwards. 

Hondahitha Curd Shop (Nugegoda/Wellawatte)

A milky, creamy goodness that comes with a tinge of sourness, curd is a dessert staple in Sri Lanka. A drop of pani (treacle) or a spoonful of sugar would balance out its flavours so perfectly. This avurudu season calls for lovely family lunches and dinners, so why not make it even better with some of the finest curds on the island? Which is why Hondahitha Curd Shop in Nugegoda and Wellawatte will be delivering kiri pani from today (9th), to the morning of 13th April through PickMe Food. 

Plus, they've got some dope avurudu sweets too!


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