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Hansa: Making Local Chocolate

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Hansa chocolate Hansa chocolate

Dropped by our favorite local coffee house the other day, mainly to sate a craving for their excellent brownies.

The good news is that they seem to have listened to our advice and actually installed a new air conditioner- this makes a huge difference. The bad news is that the brownie (Rs 125) was a little disappointing- I guess they are fresh so can't be super-consistent.

Hansa cocoa beans Hansa cocoa beans, grown in Sri Lanka

The really good news is they've started to produce high-quality 70% cocoa solids chocolate using local cocoa beans and what's amazing is that it tastes great. Sharp like any high cocoa percentage dark chocoloate but with enough sweetness and a nice crumbling texture, honestly hard to believe it's local. I only got two little bits free with my excellent capuccino but it tasted better to me than 70% cocoa Lindt (which has never been that good)  and honestly reminded me of Valrhona and high quality artisanal dark chocolate from El Rey and Amedei.

It was only a small taste but it seems like Hansa might be about to do to local chocolate what they did for local coffee and that can only be a very good thing.
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