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Harpo's New Pizzas

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Harpo's is our go-to pizza place, so we were interested to hear that they've got new flavors. I've personally tried almost everything on the menu so it was good to hear about the new flavors - the pizza kheema, the cajun crisp, the farmhouse and the caprese. So how do they stack up?

Please note that all of these pizzas are fine. They've cleared the threshold of being good and the opinions you're getting here are largely a matter of taste. If you're interested just get some half and half or small pizzas and try them out, we wouldn't feel amiss recommending any of them. Except perhaps the mutton, unless you're into mutton. Again, a matter of taste.

Harpo's Caprese Pizza

The Pizza Caprese

This is my favorite. It's a simple and light pizza (as far as pizzas go), hewing closely to the Italian cheese and tomato formula. Capers, mozarella, basil, nothing too out there, except for anchovies. This salted fish has been repulsed by no less than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but if you're used to hal maso, they're really not that bad.

This pizza is an old reliable.

Pizza Kheema

Pizza Kheema

Let's jump to something a bit more radical - the mutton pizza. Harpo's has experimented with lamb and tandoori pizza with, IMHO, some success, but the mutton and peas and curry paste (biriyani?) pizza is a bit of an acquired taste, shall we see. It's OK for a half, but I still can't get used to minced mutton. It's worth a try on a half pizza at least, if only for the novelty.

Harpo's Pizza Farmhouse

Pizza Farmhouse

The Pizza Farmhouse is another reliable one, this time mixing beef and chicken with the usual peppers and cheese. Nothing wrong here, but I found it rather forgettable. As in, it's been a while and I've literally forgotten this pizza.

Pizza Cajun Crisp

The Pizza Cajun Crisp

This pizza has the most promising name, but it also ends up being not so memorable. Minced chicken, peppers, onions, good and reliable but nothing to write home about. Also, why does everything have to be minced.


We like Harpo's. It's affordable, has excellent delivery and is a safe bet for any party that you neglected to cater or cook for. Of the new pizzas the Caprese is the one we may add to our usual ordering menu, but that's a matter of personal taste. Try them for yourself and see.
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