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Heladiv Ice Tea

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Iced tea - or ice tea - is great. Especially when it's just Rs. 45.

We recently stumbled across some packaged Heladiv ice tea at Cargills. Heladiv tea definitely existed like 5 years ago although it seemed to disappear for a while somewhere in between. It appears to have come back now, complete with new garb (we liked the old packaging better). And tastes as good as we remember.

They sell it in 200ml cartons. Not sure how many flavours there are in total, but we got the lemon, green tea, peach, strawberry, and apple. They all taste pretty good. The strawberry reminded us a bit of strawberry shisha and the lemon and apple were nice - pretty much what you'd expect them to be. Peach is the best and don't go for green tea at all.

The Akbar Brothers ice tea is also good, but comes in a bottle and costs over Rs. 100.
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