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High Tea At Tea Avenue

Superb high tea at Tea Avenue.

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One of the most popular cafe chains in Sri Lanka, Tea Avenue does high tea now. At Rs. 2200, their 3-tier high tea platter can be shared between two, and comes with an exciting array of sweet and savoury goodies and an impressive collection of tea to choose from. 

Food & Tea

The top tier features the sweets, and the other two, savouries. As for tea, they offer their in-house specialities - Earl Grey, Forest Berry, Natural Ginger, Standard 36 - Milk Tea, Standard 66 - Plain Tea, Jasmine, Ceylon Green, Mint Chocolate, Soursop Lychee and Apple Cinnamon. You can choose two to accompany your platter.

The bottom tier had the Smoked Salmon Baguette, Kochchi Cutlets and Vegetable Quiche. All three of them tasted quite good.

The Vegetable Quiche was creamy and rich with spinach and mushroom, along with a soft shell, the baguette was well toasted with a wonderful crisp, while the blob of sour cream on top complements the well-smoked salmon.

We'd have preferred a bit more kochchi kick in the cutlets. Nonetheless, it had a nice crispy shell, packed to its brim with mashed up potatoes and a bit of cheese. Delish!
In the middle tier, you'll find the Mini Chicken Burgers, Creamy Tuna Boucheé, ketchup and mayo. 

The tuna filling had a sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste, and was creamy as promised, while the Bouchée itself was soft and light. Our favourite, however, was the Mini Chicken Burger. Comprised of fresh lettuce, tomato and a well-seasoned chicken patty, it was simple, yet flavoursome. 

On the sweet side of things, this high tea platter had Mini Eclairs, Strawberry Tarts, Chocolate Cakes and Mango Panna Cotta. 

A buttery, crumbly tart filled with custard cream and topped off with a sliced up strawberry, the Strawberry Tarts were delightful. The Mini Eclairs had a soft choux pastry and a chocolate slathering on top, while the pastry cream filling in the middle was deliciously sweet.

The Mango Panna Cotta was a highlight. Milky, sweet and sour, its texture was on point, while the chunks of mango and peach made for the extra flavour.

The Chocolate cakes, on the other hand, were classic. Beautifully ganache-d, it was soft, absolutely chocolaty and had a layer of chocolate icing in the middle. A little bit of moisture in the texture would have made it perfect though.

Our choices of tea were Mint Chocolate and Chai Latte.
Lots and lots of minty kicks seeping through the kahata flavour, this one was refreshing. Works out quite well if you have a cold, or a bad headache. We hardly got any chocolaty notes though.

The velvety texture of the milk in the Chai Latte was absolute perfection. It gets all the sweetness it needs from the addition of cinnamon powder, which also made it irresistibly aromatic. A couple of cloves or cardamom would have certainly improved its flavour.


A solid deal, really, and we're impressed. It's a lot of food for two, delicious too, and the tea is superb as well. We highly recommend.

At the moment, this high tea offering is available only at their One Galle Face outlet, every day, from 1.00 PM to 5.00 PM. Reservations can be made via 0769693577.

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