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Honouring World Sandwich Day with Paan Paan

Here's how you can go all out on World Sandwich Day.

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Sandwiches are probably one of the better things created by mankind. Not just because of how diverse a form they could take but also because of how easy they are to make. 

If you're wondering about what exactly a sandwich refers to, here's a Google definition of the subject. 




an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with a filling between them, eaten as a light meal.

"a ham sandwich"

So no, an ice cream sandwich does not count as a sandwich. 

And the thing is, sandwiches are something we can all relate to. Whether it be through your mothers' endless lunchboxes of jam sandwiches or through some fancy panini, it doesn't matter. What matters is that World Sandwich Day is here and you've done absolutely nothing about it!

Where Paan Paan Comes in...

Worry not friends, because, this time around, Paan Paan is here to the rescue to give all of you some of the best deals on this special day!

Paan Paan does an array of sandwiches. From Sliced bread Sandwiches

to gorgeous Cheese Melts

to Subs

and Burgers (only available at the Grill)

  to even not-so-traditional-sandwich Chapati Wraps.

And the thing is, the offer covers them all. 

The offer itself covers every day between the 3rd of November to the 8th of November (both days inclusive) to add up to a glorious 6 days of 20% off on every sandwich (that belongs to the category referred above) in-store.

The offer, unfortunately, does not refer to everything other than sandwiches. So, forget all else and go all out on the sandwiches they've got. Because what better place to go all out on World Sandwich Day other than Paan Paan? 

Please refer promo code WSD/Yamu as you walk into either the manager or the staff on duty prior to placing your order.

Happy eating!

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