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How To Earn Amma Points With FriMi

Earn a couple of amma points whilst saving up while you're at it.

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Mother's Day is upon us. Thanks to all those golden children on the radio, the pressure's starting to kick in. But worry not friends, FriMi's on its way to save the day.

Show your mothers just how much you care this Mother's Day by doing something little extra, with the help of FriMi, of course. 

Lassana Flora 

Go all out with flowers from Lassana Flora whilst enjoying a 20% cashback offer on the first Rs. 3000 of your total bill. 

Valid till the 11th of May 2019. 


Flowers or a cake, enjoy a 20% cashback on the first Rs. 3000 of your total bill by purchasing with FriMi.

Valid till the 12th of May 2019. 

So, show your mom a little more love than usual for putting up with you, by making her day just a bit better. Kind of like the way FriMi's covering up for you right now. 


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