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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

A bunch of tips t reduce your carbon footprint this Christmas.

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Whilst being pretty much the happiest time of the year, December is also pretty much one of the most wasteful months of the year as well. While it isn't all that much because barely anyone celebrates here, celebrating Christmas comes at a very high price for the planet. 

Which is where this comes into play. After filing through multiple websites, here are a couple of tips. Which, big or small, we believe might help with reducing your carbon footprint this December. 

 Wrapping Presents


Instead of the usual wrapping paper, switch to something a bit more eco-friendly. It could mean that your presents look like your lunch box but cloth is actually a very eco-friendly way of wrapping your presents. And if you still prefer to use paper, why not go that extra mile and paint a couple of old newspapers and use them to wrap your presents? 

Christmas Cake 

Christmas cake is a vastly wonderful thing that practically the whole population looks forward to throughout the year. That includes us, so if you think we're going to ask you to not make it, it's far from it. All we're saying is that you don't necessarily need to wrap every single piece of cake you make. Instead, try serving cake as it is on a plate-like a normal cake. It makes life easier, and chances are that you'll have more cake for yourself. It may not be anything big, but change happens with baby steps. 

LED Christmas Lights 

To those of you who aren't aware of it yet, LED bulbs consume a lot less energy than the normal ones we have at home. Not only do they shine brighter, but they're also a heap better for the planet! Huzzah! 

Christmas Trees 

 Christmas trees have a pretty big impact on the planet. So, if you're planning on throwing away your normal plastic tree for a newer nicer looking one, don't. Plastic trees are a lot worse for the environment, even after comparing it with the prospect of getting a fresh tree. So, get creative, decorate a tree you already have at home or use your baubles and such to decorate the rest of the house instead of letting the tree hog them all. 

 Reducing the Amount of Meat on Your Table 

The meat industry is probably one of the biggest causes of Climate Change. So, maybe have one less kind of meat and switch it up with veggies or tofu or any other kind of meat substitute to help the cause. 

Eco-Friendly Decorations 


As soon as it hints December, we immediately see ourselves running to Pettah or Arpico in some desperate attempt at looking for Christmas decor. But, this year, you could try something new and make your own Christmas Decor from sustainable things like plants and such instead of the colourful baubles and tinsel we've gotten used to. 


Christmas refers to a lot of running around, especially close to the big day. With all these get-togethers and such, carpool with someone whenever you can instead of letting a hundred vehicles hound the road. Plus, you'll probably be doing them a favour. 

Using Local Ingredients 

We all tend to go a bit haywire when it comes to Christmas dinners and lunch. With at least a dozen different kinds of food completely covering the table, a lot of us don't feel complete without it. But, instead of using imported produce, switch to things that are locally produced. There's a higher chance of you getting fresher veggies and meat with a lot less packaging and transport incurred on it by doing so. 

Christmas Presents 


This has got to be my favourite tip of them all. Instead of giving toys, try giving something that the person is more likely to use and thereby will stray away from buying it. Another great present could be to adopt an animal on WWF or by donating to any other organization. Adopting an animal on WWF can be a tad on the pricier side of things, but, chances are that if that person really likes animals, they'll love it. 



This particular part is best done after a giant clean up of your home. Every bit of paper, sponge and every other bit of rubble you find can be used to make your Christmas decor. And if you think you're not creative enough just click here

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