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How Not To Muck-up Your Valentine's

Here's how you can not muck up your Valentine's Day.

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Valentine's Day is almost upon us, guys and for every boy out there who isn't single, we hope for your sake that you're prepared for it. Even if you're not, you've got 3 days more to get your things in order and we genuinely hope you do.

That being said, getting her a present isn't going to be enough. So, take it from a girl and follow, or try not to muck up your Valentine's Day completely by sticking to the following details. 

The Preparatory Stage

A few of her Favourite Things 

Making her watch Fast and the Furious for the 100th time, no matter how great you think it is, just isn't going to cut it, if she doesn't like it. And let's face it, your girlfriend can be a bit hard to read sometimes. But, that's where her friends come in. 

Chances are that she tells her friends exactly what she wants, even if she says she doesn't want anything from you. What she really means by this is that she hopes that you happen to ask one of her friends and come up with the perfect part of the date for her. Whether it be taking her to watch 1917 or even feeding pigeons. Things can be a tad strange, but if her friends say that it's good to go, you'd better get your bird feed on, because you're gonna be paying a visit to the Borella Junction on the 14th. 

If by chance you're not too tight with her friends, you can always try reaching out to them, but here's something from us to you. 

The Present

Why you have to give your S/O a present when it's not even their birthday is beyond us. So, for the love of all things that are good, it's better to put some effort into it. 

It doesn't have to be some fancy diamond necklace or something. Ask her friends, think about what she likes to talk about the most and chances are likely that she's already told you exactly what she wants. It might be a doggy bag of CoCo Pops, but the heart wants what it wants fam, so you might as well go with it.

If she looks at you like you're stupid when you give it to her, worry not, just explain how you remember how she said something about how she loves it a long time ago on a call and she's going to think you're the sweetest, most attentive boyfriend under the sun. 


This pretty much goes with the one on top. And the point is, (following a very mainstream idea that men can't follow detail), you may not see the bitty details she puts into your present, but she's definitely going to be seeing it in hers. 

The point being, add a bit of a personalised touch to your present to show her you care about the smaller things in life, she'll love it, we guarantee it.

On the Day...

Self Love

On the day, make sure you look nice. Take a shower, brush your teeth a tad bit more and make sure you ironed your shirt and smother yourself in her favourite perfume (of yours). It may all disappear like Cinderella's carriage by the stroke of midnight, but the first impressions matter.

Breath Mints 

Breath mints are an absolute must on this special day. You may have brushed your teeth 3 times instead of your usual 2, but having your mouth smell minty fresh is essential when making a good first impression. 

You like it. No matter what.

Following through the whole "gift giving" thing, she's bound to get you a present as well. And if you're going to want to salvage whatever is left of your time together, we suggest liking it. It may be a fish corpse on a hook, but, if you really want to make things work with this particular girl, you're going to have to fake liking it, even if you don't. 

If by chance you decide to be disappointed, prepare for a night of your partner pouting the whole night and both of you being positively miserable with one of you regretting what you got and the other regretting saying anything. 

Secret Snacks  

Say you've got everything right and she's still iffy about everything, chances are it's not you. She's probably just hungry. It's quite a common occurrence really, a lot of girls tend to get grumpy when they're hungry, so make sure to carry a couple of emergency snacks with you, in case she gets upset.

However, if she still doesn't change even after giving her snacks, chances are likely that you've mucked up. So, once again, we pay tribute to you once more with this. 

Tell her she looks nice 

One thing that's going to make her day (and like you more) is if she thinks that you think that she looks nice. And Valentine's Day in particular, with all it's half-face- candlelight Instagram stories, make her feel beautiful and she'll be happier than anything. 


Almost every girl likes Nicholas Sparks. It doesn't necessarily have to refer to the author himself, but, that being said, The Notebook happens to one of the most beloved romances of the 21st Century and if your girlfriend has ever made you watch it, she probably thinks you should be like Ryan Gosling too. 

And while getting the facial structure and such can be a tad difficult, writing her a bunch of notes and love letters are bound to make her fall in love with you more. So, arm yourself with a bundle of these friends, they're sure to come in use. Just, don't make it too cheesy. You're not Shakespeare. 


Our final tip of the day comes as a pretty easy one. So just try not to forget that it's Valentines Day this Friday. Put it on your calendar, write it on your mirror, but beating your S/O in wishing the other a happy Valentine's Day is the key to an upper hand, even if it is just for a little while. 

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