10 Unanswered Questions About Life in Sri Lanka


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1. Why do Vesak lantern shops sell Scream masks and demented Mickey Mouse masks? What does this have to do with the birth of the Buddha?

2. Why are there roti stands island wide called "Muslim Hotel"? Why are there no other hotels of other denominations?

3. Why are food stalls called hotels when they never actually have rooms?

4. Who is the grease yaka?

5. Why does Che Guevera want you to rebel? 

6. Who actually makes all these tuk stickers? Is it a communist conspiracy of wise, yet broken hearted men?

7. Why is it socially acceptable/ seen as a term of endearment to call someone "bugger"?

8. Why is everyone someone's uncle? How fertile was your grandma??

9. Why do men hit on you/ catcall by calling you little sister ("nangi")? 

10. Why do grown men STILL start bawling in glee at the mention of 1996?

A couple of photos taken from sundaytimes.lk, decibel.lk.