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Kite Season

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Twilight frivolity

With or without the delayed monsoon, children of all ages can be seen roaming the streets with colourful and bright kites these days. Harin ‘Boycy’ Fernando tries his luck.

Making the dream happen

School holidays and some spare time mean that flying a kite is an interesting, low cost and rewarding experience for many. Without doubt Galle Face Green on Colombo is a kite flier’s paradise with its spacious setting, heady wind and ambiance. The best time for flying a kite is after mid-day when the harshness of the sun slowly beings to pave way for a sublime sunset. From the roofs of buildings, along narrow streets, at any beach and pretty much anywhere with breeze, kites will be seen clearly sailing across clear blue skies. For many, making their own kite is often complex and difficult; however putting mind over matter, all it takes is some coconut eakles (stalk of the coconut leaf), coloured tissue paper, gum and thread (yarn). From massive dragons and snakes to butterflies and all types of birds, when it comes to designing your own kite, your imagination sets the limit. Mind you a ‘tail’ is considered essential not only for aerodynamic reasons but also to make your kite stand out from the crowd! Sri Lanka's National Kite Festival takes place on 13/14 October.
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