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Lankan Lifehacks

Here are a few simple lifehacks you can incorporate into your daily lives to make things a little easier.

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Whether you're tucked away in some corner of the globe because the Motherland isn't good enough for you, or if you're still here and don't know how to take care of yourself, we've put together this little list of Lankan lifehacks to make life a lot easier. Passed down from generation to generation from the time of your appachchi to this day, these have been practised religiously in most homes.

Easy Home Improvement


Aside from containing hefty amounts of calcium and being consumed by a lot of people (I know, I was shocked too) eggshells are surprisingly versatile and have been used for many purposes. However, in most Sri Lankan households the eggshells are placed artfully across kitchen counters and dining tables to keep those horrendous geckos away. We're not sure why it works, but it does.

Chilli Powder

Chilli P is the way to go if you're hell-bent on getting those gosh darn crows (and even rats) to stay away from your walls or window sills. Again, this has been passed on by word of mouth and guaranteed by many people so sprinkle some chilli powder along your sills and on the top of your walls. Goodbye, evil crows.

Dog / Cat Repellant
So you have a thousand cats and dogs pooping outside your gate? Inconvenient, no? What you can do is save those Portello bottles instead of throwing them away and recycle them by filling them up with water and leaving them along the walls or by your gate to keep animals away. I don't know the logic behind this, but I'm sure it has something to do with the reflection.

Fly Repellant
Okay, I can guarantee this works 100% percent. You basically fill a clear bag to the brim with water and hang it up where flies are most prone to hang around. The flies are terrified of their own distorted reflections on the bag and will surely stay away.

Pencil In Plug point

I mean this isn't exactly a lifehack it's more of a universal must-know sort of fact but I'll include this anyway. Having trouble plugging those pesky things in? Just plug a pencil into the topmost hole and you'll find that it releases some sort of catch that'll make it super-easy to plug in your electronic devices. Please don't use metal, you may die.

Easy Life Improvement

Ah, so you want to go shopping. But the salesperson says 'can't reduce price.' What do? Give up and go on with life? NAY. You bargain, gosh darn it like the pure Lankan you are. The torch has been passed down to you at this very moment from the First Bargainers and it is your duty to use your words and confuse the daylights out of that salesperson. Remember, the key to winning is to suddenly walk away and say 'no thanks' or tell them you'll check the other stores nearby; this will make them do a double take and agree to lower the price significantly if not to match the original price you requested.

Money Matters
It doesn't matter if you'll be using them or not but ALWAYS carry change with you. Not many shopkeepers will have change and they'll start burning their retinas by giving you the stink-eye and you don't want that. Plus it's always better to stay on the safe side, you'll never know when you'll need that 500LKR in change.

If you need information on where to go etc or if you're lost and need directions, don't hesitate to ask a Tuk driver or shopkeeper. These people are like directories for anything and everything


I hope some, if not all of these tips have brought some light into your life. If not, then I am so sorry. But always remember, use papaw for indigestion, and lime and chilli for your new vehicle and nothing can stop you.

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