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Late-Night Burger Spots In CMB

6 spots to drop by to your burger on your next late-night adventure

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Colombo is hella busy during the day and somehow turns into something entirely different at night. It's an almost a serine experience for anyone to take a stroll late night in Colombo, especially after having a couple of drinks at a pub somewhere with your clique or just by yourself. Among the food ideas that pop up, burgers more or less dominate the list. 

So, we have a list of a few places that stay open until the lastest hours of the night, so you can grab a darn good burger. 

New York Grill And Cuisine 

Open till 12:00 am

A new resto down the Saranankara Road that gets inspiration from the New York food scene. So, it's not surprising they do a good burger and their whole food line up leans towards greasy stuff so you have options there too. We tried their massive Signature NY Jack Daniel Chicken Burger that came with a huge patty dunked in the JD sauce with their twist. All the flavours from the elements seemed balanced and the fries on the side is a plus as well.


Open till 11:00 pm

Marine Drive is home to the growing food truck scene in Colombo, and Kitchen3576 whips up good burgers for you to enjoy. Their Double Tipper Beef Burger comes with two juicy patties with cheese melting in the middle. The veggies don't overwhelm the meats here and the bun can hold things together without being soggy. There's no seating space here, but the food truck is right next to the sea line so you can enjoy the breeze while you enjoy your burger.

Mr Burger

Open till 2.00 am 

This spot is in Bamalaptiya and they have a decent collection of burgers which you'll be able to enjoy till 2.00 am! Out of the ones we tried, their Quarter Pounder stood out, and it is, in fact, one of the best beef burgers in the city. The two, soft, melt in your mouth beef patties, along with the cheese adding the creaminess while the bun holds everything together, it was a good one. Make sure to watch the sauces if you are not a fan of it because they tend to get generous with them, which might overpower the meatiness of the burger. The service was decent as well but the place is not that big. Nonetheless, you have enough space to gobble down your burger.

Burgers Hut

Open till 11:00 pm

Burgers Hut is one of the OG guys to clone Burger King, but manages to pull it off even better. Their burgers are tasty and relatively cheap too. They have a good list of these juicy burgers for you to choose from and their Beef Steak Burger and the Cripsy Chicken Burger was memorable to us. The beef steak was actually a patty that was juicy with a hint of spiciness to it and there was an unhealthy amount of melted cheese on top for you to enjoy. The massive fillet of fried chicken in the chicken burger was crispy, well cooked and quite delicious. The spot is more or less a hole-in-the-wall setup but we had no problems with the service.

Street Burger

Open till 11:00 pm

Street Burger used to be a food truck and then they transformed into a nice resto that serves burgers with ample parking space down Marine Drive. Their Thunder-Voltage has a huge grilled chicken breast, melted cheddar cheese, and jalapenos while their homebrew sauces hit you like thunder. The explosion of flavours is something we truly enjoyed here. Now that they have a seating space, you can munch on one of the best burgers in town right at the spot.

Fazly's Halal Refreshment 

Open till 1:00 am

Fazly's, (used to be Burgers King) is one of the popular options to consider when you want to grab a late-night burger. You have a plethora of options here and we've always enjoyed the Big Roast Chicken Burger.  You can't get enough of the flat slices of the ham which were succulent and full of chickeny goodness.
This place has enough seating space upstairs and keeps its doors open until 1 am. 

We can give a shout out to FryDay for their frylicious take on the amazing Curry Fest FryBurg, Street Food Factory for their juicy burgers in the convenient location down Colpetty Commercial Bank parking space and Peppermint Cafe that is open 24/7 where you can grab a good BBQ Beef Burger at.

That's all we've got, so we hope you have exciting late-night adventures and delicious burgers. Let us know your opinions below in the comments section and if we're missing any good late-night burger spots, do let us know about them too. 

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