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Light Up The Season... By Jazzing Up Your Ride!

Jazz up your ride with Nations Trust Bank American Express!

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'Tis the season, sure. But it's also time to bring in the new year with a new set of wheels or a sleek new paint job. Or perhaps you just want to stick with a sweet little clean-up sesh? Only the best for your ride!

Santa's got his sleigh looking fiiiine, and you can too! Do you have to own a toy-making empire somewhere up in the North Pole and employ a thousand or so magical fellows to be eligible for this? Nah. Just hop on the Nations Trust American Express train and get off with a totally re-vamped four-wheel, shiny sleigh.


In addition to being the first brand to have their tyres on the moon, and catering to a world-class patronage, Goodyear offers quality above all. They're the go-to for when you want to spruce up your wheels for a smooth ride. So this season, they're bringing you a 30% savings at outlets islandwide. 
So what are you waiting for, if there's ever a right time to spruce up your automobile, it's now!

United Motors Lanka 

United Motors has firmly planted roots here for over 70 years now. Their quality services and range of motor maintenance options are unbeatable. Here in good old Sri Lanka, they're the renowned distributors of some of the biggest automobile brands around the world from Mitsubishi to Perodua. What's better is that they're your first option for quality car care products.
Enjoy a 20% mark-down when you book them for your vehicle's next pamper session. Offer valid until the 31st of December 2018.

Ameri Rent-a-Car

So you don't have a car. That's alright, neither do I. But you're keen on taking a road trip or something along those lines? Perhaps you'd like to skip a 12-hour long train ride to Ella and take in the sights at your own pace in a sweet four-wheel drive? 
Ameri holds the title as being one of the island's biggest automobile rental companies. They've been around for over 35 years and over time they've come up with great methods to suit your personal preferences, offering you a uniquely tailor-made experience. 
This season you'll get a 20% savings deal on self-drive options if you're interested in driving a Hatchback, SUV or a Sedan. 
If you'd rather get a chauffeur they've got you covered there too. Help yourself to an awesome 10% discount for cars and vans, along with selected SUVs. Bon voyage!

Auto Miraj 

Since their establishment in '94, Auto Miraj's sole priority has been to provide the best, affordable and quality car-care service. Employing a force of over 1000 highly skilled professionals, Auto Miraj also has partners of reputable titles such as Toyota, KIA, and the Kobe Motor Company. If you're not looking for an extensive overhaul, settle for a simple car wash instead.
Oh, and they're giving you a solid 20% remission this season. Valid until 31st December. 

So there you go ladies and gentlemen! A good excuse to get your wheels and engines oiled, and windshields sparkling before you road trip to celebrate the dawn of a new year. 

Scroll down or click here to see what else Nations Trust Bank American Express has to offer you. Season's greetings from us and all the best for the new year!

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