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#CalorieBurningChallenge conducted by Maliban with their Sugar-Free Biscuit.

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Any day is a good day to start to get in shape and be conscious about the temple that is your body. It’s not always we pay attention to what we eat, often going wild with the sugar consumption and unhealthy amounts of fats - hidden in many of the day-to-day snacks and drinks we got nuts for. 

As many of you already know, just being mindful about what you are consuming won't necessarily be enough when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating some form of exercise in your life is paramount if you are planning to get into a good health regimen. However, just exercising for the sake of it can become boring quite fast. This is where the walking space near Bellanvila comes to play. 

One can easily pop in here, hire a bicycle from a nearby spot and ride around the 3km jogging path while enjoying the breeze. This way you can get some good exercise without getting bored. 

Maliban Sugar-Free Biscuit

Maliban managed to cling to our hearts for generations and as of now, they're pretty much a part of our Sri Lankan culture. For people of every age, Maliban has been a forerunner in providing with delectable goodies while always staying on the healthy radar and focused on providing the best quality biscuits. 

Their new product - Maliban Sugar-Free Biscuit, is one of a kind. It's a product that can help you to achieve better eating habits. In this biscuit, they've taken out the sugar content and has replaced it with Maltitol, keeping the flavours intact and while helping us to reduce our sugar intake.

The biscuit itself is packed with fibre to help with the dietary needs. While the biscuits are not necessarily reduced in calories, Maltitol has only around 2–3 calories per gram, which is like almost half of the calorie amount that is in normal sugar. This is a really good alternative to anyone who has restrictions with their sugar intake or if you just don't want to take in too much sugar.

#CalorieBurningChallenge #CyclingForLife

Maliban Sugar-Free Calorie Burning Challenge that was held on the 3rd of August at Weras River Park aimed to incorporate all these. The challenge was mainly to get people into cycling and burn as many calories on the process while creating awareness about the Sugar-Free Biscuit and its benefits.

YAMU team was present at this event as one of the media partners. 

The event started around 4 pm with people gathering around for cycling. They were given a smartwatch that would measure the time each and every one of them took to cycle around the cycling track once. 

The weight and height of the cyclists were calculated before the cycling began, and later, those measurements and the time taken were entered into an algorithm to calculate the number of calories that they have burnt.

Oh, and did we mention that the bikes for the ride were given free? All you had to do was participate in the event and cycle!

The number of calories that each and every person burnt was shown on the digital screen, which was quite the motivation.

The entire path was decorated with banners and there was music to keep the spirit alive. Everyone was just moving and cycling - it was never boring or mundane. Everyone had a good time at the event, with quite positive feedback from the folks who participated and we enjoyed covering it as well.

All who participated walked out a winner and scored a goodie pack from Maliban while the only loser was calories! 

And here is a video of the event that took place. Enjoy.

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