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Mental Health In The Time Of Coronavirus; 7 Tips

Mental relief during COVID-19.

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Nothing in life is certain. We know it, we've experienced it, and yet we need things to be certain anyway. It's only natural to feel like that; we're all human beings.
In a time that we've got no choice but to stuck in isolation due to a threat outside our door, wondering whether everything would get back to normal, it's only natural to feel stressed out. We've been following all these guidelines given by the government and authorities to keep ourselves physically safe amid COVID-19 crisis, but we should not forget to look after our mental health at the same time.
So, what can we possibly do to soothe our minds in these hard times?

Social Distancing Should Be Only Physical

We've been asked to practise social distancing, and it doesn't mean that you should terminate/avoid every connection you have with the outside world. Take this opportunity to improve the bond you have with your family, spill a little bit of tea with your mother (because that's a different kind of tea), and call up a few long lost friends and see what they're up to. The technology nowadays is made to keep everyone connected, so make the best of it. 

Do What Makes You Feel Safe

There are a number of safety measures advised by the government, local and global health authorities on how to protect yourself against COVID-19. You can, and must follow all of them, and it will make you feel safe and the ones around you. The internet is filled with myths about COVID-19 too, which you should avoid paying attention to. 

Seek Accurate Information

Choose a few sources that provide genuine updates about COVID-19 and safety measures and stick to just them. Like we stated previously, do not believe everything you find on the internet. The Facebook pages of the local TV channels (if you don't prefer watching TV), and the WHO are some of the accurate web-based sources that you can trust and count on to distribute legitimate updates about the situation. An app like WatchDog comes in handy when you want to identify the fake news.

While educating yourself with these details is important, you should take them one at a time. If the intake is too heavy to handle, make sure you limit it, at least for a while.  

Try Not To Make Assumptions

This is one of the reasons why you should take the said details in small doses. Always stay in the present that you're living in, without making assumptions about what might happen in the future and jumping into conclusions based on what you hear on the news. Do not force yourself to constantly monitor social media and newscasts because that can intensify the anxiety and distress that you're going through. Take a break from them, time to time, and stop contemplating yourself about "what if."

Distract Yourself

Given that most of you're working from home, you've got plenty of time to spare. So instead of wallowing in the misery of boredom, use this time to do things that you always wanted to do but never had the time for.

You can simply catch up on some movies/TV shows, start a blog, read a book, do a bit of gardening, try some adult colouring, fix some broken household things, organise your music playlist, rearrange the furniture in your home, do some redecorating, reorganise your closet, spruce up your CV, write a poem, test your cooking skills, and pretty much anything that you can do to distract yourself without going out. If nothing else, have the greatest nap of your life! 

Keep A Healthy Diet

The way we cope with distress differs from one person to another. Some tend to stuff their face with food, while others don't even think about eating. Either way, it's really important to keep a healthy diet to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients while strengthening your immune system

Think About The Positive Side

Think of all the positive aspects of your life. You're lucky to have a family that loves you, friend/s who stand by you, pets who keep you company, and you've got a cool, considerate boss who wants you to work from home during this epidemic (eve during non-curfew days). You have a home, food on your table, a bed to sleep, and so much more. These are little things in life that we forget to be grateful for as we're always chasing after things that we think we cannot live without, and that takes us out of the present moment. The present is where our actual life happens, and we should treasure that more often. 

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