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Mövenpick Stirred Yoghurt Taste-Off

YAMU rounded up Mövenpick's range of stirred yoghurts.

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Our body needs to have a healthy amount of ''good'' bacteria, and yoghurts are one of the easiest ways to get them into your system. And that's just one of the many benefits of eating yoghurts. From reducing your high blood pressure to making your hair lustrous, and also helps to lose weight (given that you eat the right kind of yoghurts), there are many, many benefits of eating yoghurts. 
Luckily enough, the yoghurt section of the dairy aisle in our supermarkets has plenty of them, with various names, and flavours. You can read more about them on our Flavoured Yoghurt Roundup, and Set Yoghurt Roundup.
Mövenpick's range of stirred yoghurt is fairly newcomer to this section. Having inspired by what we experienced during our Mövenpick Ice Cream Taste-Off, this time around, we decided to do a roundup of their yoghurt flavours. 

The Flavours

Mövenpick Stirred Yoghurts comes in five flavours - cherry, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and mango -  apricot. Priced at Rs. 220 a cup, they can be found at the dairy aisle at Arpico - Hyde Park. 


With actual pieces of cherry wedged in, this cup of cherry flavoured yoghurt was sublime. While the dominating tarty flavours of the yoghurt demand your attention, the cherry flavour slowly eases you in by being a sweet delight. 

The texture of all the yoghurts was same - super creamy, very smooth on the palate, and absolutely decadent. 


This was the sourest one of the five - the blueberry. Each spoonful was greeted by a ripple of blueberry. Enriched by the bits and pieces of natural blueberries, we loved the sour, funky aftertaste that got stuck on our tongue. It's like a less acidic, milder version of the Anchor blueberry flavoured yoghurt. If you prefer more acidity, we suggest going with Anchor's one instead of this. 


Sweet, tart and fruity, the strawberry one had all the flavours in the perfectly balanced manner. This is not that artificially pink, or strawberry flavoured version that we normally come across. The light pink coloured surface here has a few red spots - a representation of strawberry pieces blended in. We would have liked it better if it had a few more of it. 

Mango - Apricot

The fruitiest one out of the lot was the Mango - Apricot. Relatively sweeter than the rest, but not overwhelmingly so, we quite enjoyed the gentle whiff of fresh mango it presented, with a hint of well-ripen apricot. 


Raspberry flavoured yoghurts are not common among local brands, so we were super excited for this one, and it delivered. More on the fruity side, but not in an overpowering way, it had just the right amount of raspberry swirls distributed through the yoghurt, and actual bits of it too. Paired with the acidic notes of the yoghurt itself, the flavours here were well-balanced. Definitely, a must try. 


This range is definitely an expensive option for your daily yoghurt needs, but we'd recommend trying them out if you are tired of having the same flavours over and over again. 

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