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Must-See Sri Lankan Cooks On Instagram - I

Some of the many, many Sri Lankan cooks on Instagram that make us drool over their feed.

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The #yamuquarantinecookoff kicked off over a month ago and we're totally amazed by the response. But what's even better is the pleasure of discovering more and more Sri Lankan cooks on Instagram from all corners of the world, each and every day.

So here are 24 of the many Sri Lankan cooks who document their culinary adventures on Instagram in the most eye-catching way.

*This is only the first part of a new article series. The purpose here is to appreciate the Sri Lankan cooks on Instagram for all the amazing efforts they make to document their cooking diaries for us to follow and learn. If your/your friend's cooking feed isn't mentioned here, worry not. You'll most definitely see it on the upcoming articles of this series. In the meantime, if you think that there's an Instagram page that we should check out, comment below, or DM us on Instagram.



A post shared by thewhimsicalchef (@thewhimsicalchef) on

An engineer by training, but a foodie by passion, the kitchen adventures of thewhimsicalchef can be found on her Instagram handle above, or using #handheldfoodplatebysu and #whimsicalplatters hashtags. She's quite the storyteller too. You can read them on, her personal website where she writes about her recipes.



A post shared by Sav Perera (@savisquishles) on

Sav Perera, AKA savisquishles is a cheese enthusiast based in Australia. Check out her blog, if you'd like to read a story or two as you go through her recipes.
The @madbatterbysav is where you can order her baked goodies.



A post shared by Amal A. (@thunapahadiaries) on

A grad student at the University of Oklahoma, Amal (thunapahadiaries)'s feed is a treat for all of us who crave for something sweet every day. From spongy cakes, gorgeous tarts and magnificent pavlova towers to homemade pasta, bread, and other delicacies, it's hard not to drool over it.



A post shared by SHIFU SAMOON | FOOD BLOGGER (@me_loves_cooking) on

Shifu Samoon (me_loves_cooking) excels at making Sri Lankan and Indian treats, as well as baking. Her YouTube channel, Me Loves Cooking is a step by step guide to everything she cooks.



A post shared by Jayani C. Senanayake ?? (@peckishme) on

You'd love reading Jayani (peckishme)'s food adventures on, her personal website, because we sure do! Her recipes are presented in a very timely manner too, which we found quite helpful. For example, during the recent quarantine period, she came up with a whole bunch of interesting recipes which you can cook with just a few simple ingredients you've got in the kitchen.



A post shared by Roshini (@roshini_karunatilleke) on

A Sri Lankan based in Saudi Arabia, Roshini Karunatilleke's feed is full of her cooking adventures. DM her if you'd like to get the recipes. 



A post shared by Home chef ?????‍? (@tineshawijesuriya) on

Based in the UK, Tinesha Wijesuriya's Instagram feed is enough testament to all the wonderful things you can do with Lankan spices. 



A post shared by Sarah Ahmed || Healthy foodie (@nourish.glow.repeat) on

Sarah Ahmed (nourish.glow.repeat) is all about quick, easy and healthy recipes. You can find her recipes under each picture. 



A post shared by Rushana Anosh (@its.rushana) on

Rushana Anosh (@its.rushana) is a Sri Lankan living in the UAE, and makes sure that she and her family have a taste of her motherland to munch on every day.



A post shared by Nisha| Food Stylist (@healthysutra) on

Nisha is many things - a Weight Management Consultant, a Product/ Food Photographer and a Recipe Developer. Pulling off healthy food in the most delicious form is her mission, which you'd be able to observe on her Instagram page above, and her website -



A post shared by shan_the_foodie ?? (ෂාන්) (@shan_the_foodie) on

Based in Dubai, the delicacies that shan_the-foodie whip up mostly lean towards Sri Lankan side of things. DM him on Instagram for the recipes.



A post shared by JUST COOKING | COOKING VLOG (@justcooking_byzafra) on

Most of the recipes by justcooking_byzafra are in video form (check out her IGTV), so it's quite easy to follow. Her Smoked Mandi recipe is something you don't want to miss.



A post shared by Rachi Fernandopulle I BLOGGER (@food_voyageur) on

A chef by profession, Rachi Fernandopulle (food_voyageur) entered the culinary world at a very young age, and have been training under some of the best, international chefs of our time. At the moment, she lives in Australia, and you'll be able to watch her cooking diaries on her Instagram page and YouTube (Food_Voyageur) channel.
She has been collaborating with us for a series of recipes as well, which you'd find on our YouTube channel.



A post shared by Hungry Lankan (@hungry_lankan) on

One look at Roshani Eranthika (hungry_lankan)'s feed will make you hungry. She lives in the US, and is where you should head to, if you want to find out more about her recipes.



A post shared by Dinusha Sigera (@thekitchenfootprints) on

Dinusha Sigera (thekitchenfootprints) is a clinician by profession, but she doesn't let that get in the way of her passion for cooking and exploring new food. 



A post shared by SS?? (@hungryislanderr) on

Some of the recipes by the hungryislanderr are presented in video form on her IGTV, but you can always DM her for more details.



A post shared by Shereena Neludi Seshani (@the_dancing_kitchen) on

Shereena (the_dancing_kitchen) also loves to tell a story as she posts her recipes. She lives in Italy, and doesn't let her family miss Sri Lankan food, while exploring her takes on Italian treats and baked goodies.



A post shared by Nihani (@nihani_w) on

Based in Bangladesh, Nihani posts about her caking, baking and cooking diaries on Instagram. 



A post shared by Cook with Love (@homeyfoodies) on

Everything on homeyfoodies's Instagram is cooked with love. She recently created a YouTube channel (Cook with Love) too, so she can bring in more recipes for you to follow.



A post shared by Nuzrath Shazeen Nazimudeen (@my_lankan_food_journal) on

The dishes by Nuzrath Shazeen Nazimudeen (my_lankan_food_journal) carry a dose of motherly love. Check out for the full recipes.



A post shared by Jazla Ismath (@jazees_recipes) on

Many cakes and sweets, this feed by Jazla Ismath (jazees_recipes) is made for your sweet tooth. Complete recipes can be found on



A post shared by Sammani (@sammaniii) on

Needless to say, these dishes by Sammani is absolute eye candy!



A post shared by Hafsa Nazaar (@my_baking_journal) on

Not only does Hafsa Nazaar (my_baking_journal) bakes, but she also cooks! Most of her recipes are posted alongside the pictures, but you can DM her for more details.



A post shared by Pramudini Walawage (@dish_by_praniii) on

Pretty much everything that happens inside Pramudini Walawage (dish_by_praniii)'s kitchen is on her Instagram feed. Drop her a message if you'd like to recreate some of her recipes.
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