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Must-See Sri Lankan Cooks On Instagram - II

25 cooking channels that one shouldn't miss.

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Welcome to the second edition of the "Must-see Sri Lankan Cooks on Instagram." While feeding us with so much inspiration to sharpen up our cooking skills, these amazing people have been taking our culinary fare all across the globe. 

For the first edition of this article series, click here.

*This is the second part of our new article series. The purpose here is to appreciate the Sri Lankan cooks on Instagram for all the amazing efforts they make to document their cooking diaries for us to follow and learn. If your/your friend's cooking feed isn't mentioned here, worry not. You'll most definitely see it on the upcoming articles of this series. In the meantime, if you think that there's an Instagram page that we should check out, comment below, or DM us on Instagram.


A post shared by ♔ Mali ♔ ( on

Based in the UK, the kitchen adventures of Mali isn't limited to just her family and friends. She shares these delicious treats at her business venture - Curry Leaf Supper Club as well. As for the recipes, check out the Blog section on her website.



A post shared by Nisha Tucker (@nisha_tucker) on

Nisha Tucker currently lives in the UAE, but the goodies she whips up in the kitchen always have a very Sri Lankan touch to it. So much so, it's hard to take our eyes off of it.



A post shared by Bibliophile in the kitchen ? (@sherrygloss) on

A good read paired with good food is a combo that's hard to beat. Have a look at @sherrygloss's feed, you'll know what we're talking about.



A post shared by RUZAINA HADGIE- FOOD VLOGGER (@ruzaina_theminoritytaste) on

The @ruzaina_theminoritytaste by Ruzaina Hadgie is a blend of nostalgia and explorations. Having travelled to over 30 countries has led her to discover many, many flavours around the world, and growing up, she had the privilege of tasting the wonderful traditional dishes that her grandparents and family cooked. These recipes can be found on her YouTube channel.



A post shared by Nipuni Sangakkara (@nipuni.sangakkara) on

From Sri Lankan delicacies to many other dishes inspired by different culinary cultures from around the world, Nipuni Sangakkara's Instagram channel is a total feast for the eyes, as much as it for the lips.



A post shared by Heather Jansz (@currydiva) on

So many Lankan flavours at one place, one should not miss this feed by Chef Heather Jansz. She has been living in Minneapolis since the early '70s, and her exotic, unique flavour creations are available to taste at her award-winning restaurant Sri Lanka Curry House and the Curry Leaf Deli. She also conducts cooking classes - skim through her website for more details.



A post shared by S U E ??l??? @SueRan (@sueransl) on

Cakes, bakes and many other beloved tropical treats, you should not miss @sueransl's Instagram feed and YouTube channel if you bear strong feelings for Sri Lankan food (who doesn't, right?).



A post shared by Erasha Hettige (@podihandscook) on

So many gorgeous baked goodies! It's impossible not to drool over Erasha Hettige's feed. You can get the full recipes via her website,



A post shared by WifeThingsDoneRight (@wife_things_done_right) on

A doctor by profession, but also a food nerd, @wife_things_done_right crafts up many amazing flavours in her kitchen. DM her if you wish to get the recipes.


A post shared by fathimahashwani (@authenticfood_dubai) on

Based in the UAE, Fathima Fawzie is an educator by profession, but also a passionate cook. Her culinary journal, is dedicated to amateur cooks, and she documents about them on her YouTube channel too.



A post shared by Vaishnavie Chandran ? (@foo.die2020) on

Another Sri Lankan cook living in the UAE, Vaishnavie Chandran's Instagram channel is full of simple, healthy and delicious homemade goodness.



A post shared by Lankan Kitchen (@lankankitchen) on

"A Sri Lankan girl inspiring EVERYONE to cook" - the purpose behind @lankankitchen by Minolee Fernando is truly adorable and quite motivating. Based in the UAE, her career as a Senior Finance Manager never gets in the way of her passion for cooking. Check out her YouTube channel for the full recipes.



A post shared by ?????? ???????? ????????????? (@sayiniappuhamy) on

One look at @sayiniappuhamy's cooking feed is enough to make you hungry. It's that tempting!



A post shared by ?????? ??????? ?? ?? (@devourdiaries) on

A Sri Lankan living in the US, Ashani is the face behind @devourdiaries. For her, cooking is not another chore that one has to deal with on a daily basis. It's a way of expressing love, care and gratitude to our loved ones. That idea itself is enough for us to run to the kitchen so we can whip up a yummy meal to our family. Go through her website if you need an idea about what to cook.



A post shared by ?????????? (@asma_in_the_kitchen) on

Everything that happens when Asma Ameen finds herself in the kitchen is reflected on @asma_in_the_kitchen. A whole dose of homemade love can be seen here.



A post shared by Janitha Perera (@jani_s_digital_cookbook) on

From many plates of colourful rice & curry to a whole bunch of freshly baked goodies, @jani_s_digital_cookbook by Janitha Perera is a representation of all the brilliant combinations of food that we Lankans crave for. She is residing in the US, and you can DM her if you'd like to have the recipes.



A post shared by Fathi Haniffa (@fathisrecipebook) on

If you're looking for a feed full of well-curried up goodies among other things, this is the place to be. It's done by Fathi Haniffa, who is also the owner of Fathi's Spice Attic.



A post shared by FoodPlate | Blogger (@foodplate_inn) on

The @foodplate_inn is the kitchen journal of a Med-Microbiologist. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for the quick updates on her recipes.



A post shared by Sumuskitchen (@sumuskitchen) on

You can go to the fanciest restaurant in town tonight, but will that replace your love for homemade food? Nope, it never will. And @sumuskitchen will give you many reasons why.



A post shared by Amna_Blogs (@amnas__recipes) on

Amna's Instagram feed - @amnas__recipes is basically a homemade galore of delicious-looking Sri Lankan food and a representation of her love towards cooking. Most of her recipes are posted under the pictures.



A post shared by Kavishka’s Scrumptious Diaries (@_scrumptious_diaries) on

Kavishka lives in Melbourne, but she never lets her family miss Sri Lankan food. So good! So good! 



A post shared by Book of a cook (@book_of_a_cook) on

This cookbook on Instagram is done by a Biochemist who lives in the US. Got your eye on a recipe? DM her for more details.



A post shared by ????? | ?????? ?????? (@ceylon_tastes) on

Keshy runs the @ceylon_tastes, which focuses on healthy and authentic Sri Lankan food. All of her recipes are stated on, and you can also head to her YouTube channel for the video-based step-by-step guide.



A post shared by Saji’s Secret Recipes (@sajissecretreciepes) on

The @sajissecretreciepes is full of delicious recipes that have been tried and tested in her kitchen. All the important tips and tricks that come in handy in recreating these recipes can be read on her blog - 



A post shared by Sanaya Faslan (@sanayas_homecooking) on

A teacher by profession, Sanaya Faslan lives in Qatar. Lots and lots of traditional cooking can be spotted on her feed, alongside a variety of dishes that are inspired by many other culinary fares, which will keep you scrolling for more.

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