Must-see Sri Lankan Cooks On Instagram - IV

20 Instagram feeds that you shouldn't miss if you love food.

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We have taken a break from the #yamuquarantinecookoff, but our tribute series to amazing Sri Lankan cooks on Instagram continues!
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A post shared by @tasteofhome_kk

The @tasteofhome_kk's feed is mesmerising to anyone who loves Sri Lankan food (if you don't, who are you?). We're in love with her rice & curry combos!


Many rice & curry plates, some baked treats, but lots and lots of colours, @samjayskitchen by Samantha is all about them. You can check these recipes out on her YouTube channel too.



A post shared by Nadhi (@foodwith_luv)

@foodwith_luv believes that good food is the foundation of love, and we wholeheartedly agree! How can one not be happy after looking at (and gobbling down) these yummy goodies? 



A post shared by DamGuru (@dammiguru)

A Sri Lankan based in Australia, @dammiguru's kitchen adventures take inspiration from many different cuisines, including Sri Lankan, Asian, Indian and Western.


Our food culture has quite the spread, but what would you name as the mandatory items to try out? Rice & Curry and Tea, of course! Kanchana Jayasekara's My Food World Instagram feed captures this so perfectly.

Despite living in the US, Nilaashee's cooking adventures always seem to have a very Sri Lankan touch to it - which makes it almost impossible to take our eyes off her feed. 


Oh, what a vibrant feed this @candiedclicks is! Total eye candy, we must say! For video recipes, check out her YouTube channel.



A post shared by Sheri (@shermilaskitchen)

@shermilaskitchen isn't limited to just pictures. She also documents the recipe under the pictures, along with interesting tips. Quite helpful!


A self-taught baker aspiring to become a doctor, Gimhani Semini posts most of her recipes along with the pictures. We noticed a whole bunch of interesting desserts, and have our eye on the Fudgy Brownie recipe.


One look at @ms_nest's Instagram profile is enough to make you hungry. The recipes on her YouTube channel, MS NEST, are narrated by her, which makes them quite easy to follow.

The mix of Sri Lankan, Indian and Asian-style dishes on had us hooked. She presents these recipes on her YouTube channel as well.


We cannot quite explain why, but this feed by @dine_at_home_ is quite soothing to the eye! Lots of Sri Lankan curries, short eats and cakes can be spotted here. 


The twins, Azra and Fazra are on a culinary adventure! @twins_platter sisters whip up these delicacies from their kitchens in Saudi Arabia and the UK. 



A post shared by @mycooking.tour

An engineer by profession, but a foodie by passion, @mycooking.tour is a good one to check out if you need some baking-inspiration.

It's impossible not to drool over Srini's baked treats, on The beautiful cakes, perfectly crafted pies, pastries and bread, will surely get your cravings started, but also will motivate to learn baking on your own, just like Srini did.


The @cookingwithklez has managed to bring a taste of her motherland to her dining table in Malaysia. Have a look at her feed and see how!


While living in the US, Sachi seems to do some delicious cooking experiements in the kitchen. 


Jega Mahalingam is the face behind @the_mum_my_kids_need. Her food picture diary looks extra delish, as they had been cooked with a dose of motherly love. 


Ashan Rathnawardhana's Instagram channel, @cravedbyashan is a feast for the eyes, as much as it is for the tips - we're certain of that. Visit his YouTube channel for the full recipes. 


There are two ways to get access to the digital cookbook of Nee. Through her Instagram feed, and the YouTube channel