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"Now Serving": A Feature That Unveils New Places In Town

"Now Serving" is a new feature on YAMU.

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At YAMU, we mainly focus on food. We have restaurant reviews and a bunch of food-related features - lists to round up similar kinds of things, YAMU Loves to highlight some of our favourite dishes in the city and taste-offs - where we bring dozen of the same kind of food to a single table and taste them all. 

Always on the lookout for what's happening, what's hot, and what's new in the food scene, now we're introducing another addition to our family of features - "Now Serving".

What is "Now Serving"?

"Now Serving" is a new feature that gives you a heads up about a new resto in town. The purpose here is to brief you on who they are, what they do, and where they are located. 

This is a paid feature. The restaurant pays for it. To avoid any confusion, it will be indicated on every "Now Serving" post that we publish, along with the respective labelling. 

In here, we don't review food. We will talk about what is on the menu, and give a general overview of the aforementioned aspects. It's more of an announcement about the blooming of a new restaurant in the city. If you happen to drop by the place before we do, this sneak peek of a feature might come in handy on what to expect. 

Our first "Now Serving" post is already up. It's about this newly opened pizza joint in Colombo 07. You can access it from here

Terms and conditions apply. The main point to consider is that this shout out feature and reviews are NOT interconnected. Therefore, please note that the review segments of the restaurant will still remain independent. 

How To?

Wanna shout out? Drop us a line or two at and or contact Dinesh on 0760 106226 (between 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday) and we will have you featured on our "Now Serving" post - dedicated especially for your restaurant (it's on our introductory rate until 31 July 2019).

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