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Ordering Takeout During COVID-19 Pandemic

5 things to consider when you order food during COVID-19 outbreak.

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We live in a time that dining out is no longer an option. As a method of minimising the human contact as much as possible, we've been self-quarantining ourselves for almost two weeks now. A lot of restaurants in Colombo are temporarily closed down, while there are a few places open for delivery during curfew hours.
If you're bored of eating homemade food, you have the option of ordering takeout, but there are certain things that you should consider while doing that.

Order From Restaurants That You Trust

We all have at least one favourite restaurant that we frequently dine at. Have a look at their social media platforms and find out about the safety and hygiene measures that they're implying specifically during this pandemic. If it's a restaurant that had been following good hygiene practices even during the pre-coronavirus outbreak, then they're probably extra careful now. But, in any case, you can call them up and reaffirm these details before ordering in.

Opt For Contactless Delivery

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Avoid meeting the food courier at the door, and opt for the contactless delivery. Kindly ask him/her to leave the food at your doorstep or some other designated area, and choose to pay from the credit/debit card. 

Get Rid Of The Packaging Immediately

Coming into contact with surfaces that had been contaminated with the virus puts you at the risk of getting infected. Therefore, as soon as you receive your food, take them out of the packaging, put them into your own, sanitised containers and get rid of the food packaging immediately.

It's even better if you can wipe the packaging with some hand sanitiser before touching it with your bare hands, as it further mitigates the risk. Also, avoid using the utensils sent by the restaurant, and use your own.

Don't Forget To Wash Your Hands

Once the packaging is thrown out, quickly wash your hands at least for 20 seconds with soap. You can even use an alcohol-based sanitiser for this purpose.

Ensure The Safety Of The Delivery Person

The whole world is at a crisis now, and you should appreciate the fact that your food courier showed up to save your day amid these tough times. Be kind enough to keep a hand sanitiser for their use, preferably at the same place that they're supposed to leave your food at.

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