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Paan Paan Party Platters

Paan Paan does party platters of sandwiches, sweets and all - it's also quite affordable.

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Paan Paan delivers platters for parties so we decided to order some and see if they were any good. They were, and it wasn't even expensive. 

To order call 114 388 488 or visit one of their outlets. You can read our review below but basically, we recommend.

Portions & Prices

I called the hotline and asked for a bit of everything. So our sweets platter included orange icing muffins, banana cakes, eclairs and coffee profiteroles. 

Our sandwich platter included chicken, smoked chicken, hot & spicy chicken, tandoori chicken and tuna. There were 20 sandwiches and 24 sweet stuffs - and it fed about 6 of us - for the awesome price of Rs. 2500. 

The minimum order for platters generally, are about 20 pieces, and the larger platters are double that. The service hotline was very helpful and they'll help you really customize your platter if you want assortments. 

The Review

The sweets platter was good, though we weren't expecting it judging by our usual party platter experiences. The profiteroles and eclairs especially were well made - as a big fan of eclairs, I have to say that Paan Paan's platter eclairs are really soft and creamy. If you're going for sweets we'd suggest you go all out on eclairs. 

The sandwich platter is actually almost 500 bucks cheaper than the sweets one (just about Rs. 1000 bucks for the entire platter). This is a crazy affordable price for a lot of food. Honestly, we've had individual sandwiches that cost more.

They're also really tasty and filling. The veggies were fresh and crunchy and it felt like a healthy snack. There was just enough meat - the tuna and tandoori were particularly yummy. 

Our Paan Paan platters were overall a happy experience, and we think an affordable choice for party planning. These guys also have submarine and savoury platters, and make note - they do delivery. 

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