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7 PickMe and Uber Dilemmas

The perfect imperfections of PickMe and Uber.

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Greetings, fellow PickMe and Uber using homosapiens!

If you are a loyal user of these life-saving yet nerve-racking apps, you know finding that perfect ride is a rare occassion - as rare as finding a relative who doesn't care about your marriage, your exam results and everything personal. 

These apps have made life super easy (no more waiting on the road getting splashed and harassed trying to flag down a tuk, no more getting lost without a map), but they can also get irksome and here are instances why!

1. Getting a tuk confirmed and then, receiving a notification about no tuks being available in your area

MAKE UP YOUR MIND, PICKME! Do you want to pick me up or do you not?

2. Being told by the driver to cancel the trip because he's too far

Makes you wonder why some of these drivers even sign up with the taxi-hailing apps. This may sound weird and unbelievable, but the whole point of assigning drivers by default is to get them to pick us up from WHEREVER they may be.

3. "Put a rating please, madam"

Even if he drove like an injured Fast and Furious actor, you just have to wear a plastic smile unless you're a fully grown adult who is capable of portraying every sentiment of irritation to tell him his driving was equal to the faeces of a cow.

4. Being called multiple times to get to your location

One of the tests for qualifying to be an Uber or PickMe driver is the Map Test. This is where the potential drivers are shown a map of Colombo and asked what they see. If it's anything besides "Ah, Sir, that's the map that shows us the location to get to the customer", they get hired.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you will receive a minimum of 48 calls from the assigned driver.


How do you get unwilling drivers out on the streets? Charge the customer twice or more than the usual rate.

Thank you, Uber, for this purge of my wallet.

6. When someone else gets into your PickMe

Just a gentle reminder - All PickMe taxi robbers will go to hell.

I did not book a PickMe for some random bugger so he could hop in and leave me forlorn and desperate on the street.

7. Getting an annoyed driver

And occassionally, you have this full on moody uncle who cringes every time you exhale carbon dioxide and drives out of pure hatred for every living cell in your body. 

Faced more PickMe and Uber dilemmas? Go ahead and vent it all out in the comments down below! Uber and PickMe people, please don't block me, I can't go back to the stone age of actually calling someone for my taxi.

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