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Places To Donate Your Surplus Food

Places where you can redistribute surplus food.

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Food waste is a complex problem around the globe. One of the foremost factors to food wastage is the lack of proper planning on the consumer part. Sometimes people buy lots of food without appropriately palnning on when and how the food will be prepared for consumption. Coupled with the present schedules of work and appointments, people therefore tend to change food preparation plans or fail to remember using it on time which results in wastage.

Most restaurants, hotels and the food service industry alike have a tendency of producing more food, anticipating high customer volume, and the ability of not running out of menu, over-preparation often leads to wastage when the food is unsold. Which is why most countries have opted to have food rescue operations. Food rescue programs rescue excess, non perishable and perishable food and redistribute to needy families, elder care homes and orphanages that accept perishable food items.

In Colombo too if you have surplus food after an event, consider giving it away the next time you are at a loss at what to do with the food. There are places that will accept your excess. This way you reduce wastage and  also donate towards a good cause. All you need to do is call the numbers provided below and drop it off at the location they provide.

Telephone number: 112 588 838
Location: Colombo 6

The Boys Industrial Home & Orphanage
Telephone number: 112 587 175
Location: Colombo 6

Sri Jinananda Development Centre 
Telephone number: 112 587 534
Location: Colombo 4

Maw Sevana 
Telephone number: 112 529 560
Location:  Mattakkuliya

Ebenezer Girls Home 
Telephone number: 112 714 528
Location: Mt Lavinia

The Salvation Army, Elders Home For Men & Women
Telephone number: 112 885 947
Location: Rajagiriya

Hope Home
Telephone number: 112 735 825
Location: Ratmalana

Shepherd’s Heart Children's Home
Telephone number: 112 863 456
Location: Nawala

Shilpa Development Home
Telephone number: 112 369 533
Location: Colombo 5

If you are unable to drop off surplus food, these two food rescue operations will be glad to pick up the food and drop it off for you after your event.

WGSA rescues and delivers surplus food to families and orphanages in need of perishable and non perishable food.
Telephone: 774 841 134, 714 233 614

Robin Hood Army Sri Lanka The Robin Hood Army is a volunteer based organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate sections of society. 
Telephone: 771 855 535 

Why bin it, when you can still eat it?




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