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6 Places To Watch The T20 World Cup (High End)

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With the T20 World Cup being hosted by Sri Lanka, YAMU takes a look at the high end options for sitting back with a beer whilst cheering on the Lions.

Cricket Club Café

As the name suggests, this place is all about the cricket. It’s filled with cricketing memorabilia dating back to the 40’s, and everything on the menu’s named after famous players. However, cricket crazy as this establishment is, it may not be the best place to watch the games. The Cricket Club is definitely popular and their vibe is good, but the placing of the screens in relation to the seats makes it a little difficult to get a good view. But still, it’s got a fun atmosphere. Also seems to be favoured by expats.

Rize82, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 3, 011-7620624

We’ve always found Rize a bit odd. It says it’s a sports bar, but acts like a nightclub. The seating is quite restaurantey, but there’s a large screen on the far side of the room - so wherever you are you’re likely to be able to see. The food’s from Mango Tree so if you’re a fan, added bonus. They’ve also got an extensive cocktail menu, but be careful, some can be lethal. Oh and according to their facebook page you can also look forward to the vague ‘special promotions on drinks and mouth watering bites’. Exciting.

Cheers77, Galle Road, Colombo 3, 011-2497373

Cheers is a classic big game venue. They put up a large projector and everyone gathers around, seated on the chairs, the floor or perched on any other surface they can find. The food’s good, but not cheap. Overall it’s a bit too basementy and dark (at the bottom of a hotel) for our liking, but again, very popular with the peeps.

Colombo Courtyard, 32 Alfred House Avenue, Colombo 3, 011-4645333

This is one of Colombo’s sexy new boutiquey hotels, now also vying with Colombo’s other watering holes to attract the largest cricket crowds. We haven’t watched a match here, but apparently they have a large screen and there’s also 20% off on wines and spirits.

CR&FC, 28 Prof. G. P. Malalasekara Mawatha, Colombo 7, 011-2586834

Another classic venue for watching cricket. But their ticket system is weird. Apparently you’ve got to text Yes FM and then go pick up your passes (free). We called them today and there’s none left. It’s a shame you couldn’t just get them at the gate. It’s a fun venue, and there’s a huge screen and loads of people - but no point if no tix. We hear there were over 850 people at yesterday’s game.

The Brewery by O!, 10 Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, Colombo Fort, Colombo 1, 011-2436462

The O! bar's become hugely popular very fast. It's a lovely venue - always packed, always lively. It can be a bit hard to get served quickly cause of this, but we like it anyway. They have a large open space and a big projection screen - it'll probably be a great place to watch the game. Apparently they've got some T20 promotions as well, although it doesn't say what these are on the website or facebook page.
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