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YAMU Site Update: User Profiles, Bookmarks and More!

We're rolling out User Profiles, Email Logins, Bookmarks. More goodies to come!

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Hey everyone!

It's been a while since we've had an update on the YAMU Dev blog, and we've got some exciting news for you.

We've expanded our dev team to include Malinthe, who's brought along a wealth of expertise and new ideas to help take YAMU's tech forward. We've been doing quite a bit of changes, including a dynamic segment of the website written in Laravel.

New Feature: Email Registrations

Finally, after months of user requests, we're happy to launch email user registrations. This would break our former Facebook login monopoly and allow users to register with just their email address. We've made sure that all the features are available, including verification emails and password resets. This makes user registration easier than ever before, which is great because it'll allow you to...

Click here to register

Username - Email - Password, and you're off!

Personalize Your User Profile

Right now, we're introducing the ability to upload an image and set it as your profile picture, change your display name on comments and the ability to change your password if need may be.

Crop an image and set it as your profile picture!

Change your password here

But we're also planning big big things in the future, and your YAMU profile will be the centre of this experience. You'll be able to save locations, subscribe to various updates and services, and generally have a YAMU experience that's tailor-made for you. We're starting with...

New and Improved Bookmarks

We had bookmarks on YAMU for a while, then we lost them during the transition to the new site and nobody seemed to notice. The new bookmark system, though, is bound to leave you with an idea of what we have planned for the future of user-centric content discovery on YAMU, with you being able to bookmark places and instantly access a feed which shows new comments on that page.

Bookmark buttons up top and down low

Quickly access your bookmarks from the top menu

List of bookmarks

THE FEED! Get updates from your bookmarked posts here


Things are slowly being set in motion to greatly expand the YAMU experience. I know personally that I've not communicated enough (or at all :P) about YAMU's tech development with you guys, and we're hoping to change that with regular dev blog updates.

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