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Everyday Sri Lankan Superheroes

The best and brightest lot in the average Sri Lankan day.

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Since we're talking about superheroes, I've been thinking about how nice it'd be to have an actual superhero around the place and then as I nearly fell head first onto the asphalt pavement after getting off a bus it hit me and I realised that there ARE heroes all over the place. We just need to look harder. 

So let's take a step back from the elaborately exaggerated world of the generic superhero and appreciate the lesser known underdogs who do so much in exchange for so little. 


Sanitation Workers

You wouldn't be able to step out of your houses if these superstars didn't clear your filth off the streets. Braving the stench of rotten fish and lost hopes and dreams, these men blaze through the streets and suburbs of CMB on their Iron Truck of Glory leaving people literally gasping for breath.


They can withstand the harsh, merciless Sri Lankan sun enough to nonchalantly sweep up dirt and leaves from the sides of busy streets. If that isn't a superpower I don't know what is.


Bus Conductors

Okay so sometimes if you're lucky you'll get into a bus with a vigilante in the form of a Conductor. These heroes watch out for you, direct you to the first available seat, stand up for you when a useless lecher decides to incur their wrath etc.


Car Trouble Crusaders

Your car breaks down in the middle of a busy intersection. All the tuk drivers are orchestrating a beautiful symphony with their horns dedicated to you. What do you do?
FEAR NOT for help shall arrive in the form of random, concerned citizens who will actually help control traffic and move your car. How? Why? For the good of mankind, of course.


Friendly Waiters

I mean how often do you get to engage in some pleasant order placement with your waiter? These rare gems actually smile and take your order with enthusiasm, not because they're getting paid to do it, but because  they actually want you to have a good dining experience. 


Pizza Delivery Guys

Forget the internet meme. I'll bet you a large pan cheese pizza with no added toppings that every time you hear the delivery guy pull up and ring the doorbell, you experience a multitude of emotions like relief and a gentle wave of happiness soothe the throngs of your rumbling tummy.


Tuk driver who waits until you've safely entered your house.

The actual champions of the roads. Not only do they take you through shady shortcuts to ensure a minimum taxi fare, they'll also wait until you've safely entered the threshold of your home before zooming off Fast 8 style. 


Ariyadasa Uncle

(not pictured due to hefty agency fees)

Ariyadasa Uncle is the Bin Bag Saviour of Yamu HQ. He walks up all four floors just to collect the spoils of war after our heavy days of shooting videos and kotthu for lunch. 


Minor Staff

The very people who keep the foundations of your company held together. Who makes the evening tea for you? Who mops up the floors after hours? Who helps you get into a tuk after 7PM? If you haven't thanked these people then you should be demoted for a day, get into the office kitchen and see how the back end keeps it all together.


So if you haven't said thank you...

Then it's time to show your gratitude. From personal experience, even the slightest hint of appreciation brightens their mood. Maybe get a cake and a litre of pepsi and throw them a little party. Or maybe just a cup of tea in the mornings!

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