Restaurants Serving Iftar In Colombo - 2021

A working list of restaurants serving iftar in the city.

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The holy month of Ramadan is here. It's a spiritual month to observe fasting, prayer and open the gates of forgiveness, kindness and faithful intention. 
Despite the shadow of COVID-19, Colombo is functioning as usual - with certain limitations, of course. Unlike last year, many restaurants in the city are serving up iftar packs, meals and buffets, which aren't just limited to delivery or takeaway.
[This is a working list. If you're a restaurant with iftar specials, kindly write to us at or call at 0760106226 (Dinesh).]


Offered in buffet style, Acropol's iftar spread is massive and changes throughout the week. A whole bunch of Chinese and Indian-style dishes can be indulged here. Reservations are highly recommended. 

Contact: 0114710990/ 0774577577 

Arabian Knights

For Rs. 1590, Arabian Knights's iftar menu includes a bunch of snacks, desserts, dates and drinks. It's available for dine-in, takeaway and delivery.

Contact: 0112301031


From samosa and kebab to shawarma and tandoori chicken, many interesting snacks are featured on Chana's iftar selection. The orders need to be placed before 4.00 PM, and you can opt for dine-in, delivery or takeaway. 

Contact: 0117939788/ 0775133655 (WhatsApp)

Indian Summer

A simple assortment of dates, porridge, snacks and desserts are included in Indian Summer's iftar menu. Click here for more details

Contact: 011662112 (Colombo)/ 0812235030 (Kandy)

Marine Grill

Marine Grill is crafting up a special iftar buffet every day of the week, from 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM. In terms of pricing, it's Rs. 1749 per head from Monday to Thursday, and Rs. 2499 from Friday to Sunday and on the poya day.

Contact: 0112364727/ 0773779488/ 077219227

Paan Paan

Paan Paan's break-fast boxes are quite convenient. They're simple but comes with savouries, a sweet, kanji and dates. Costs only Rs. 450. You can grab them after 4.00 PM at all of their outlets. 

Contact: 0117500226/ 0770500020

Street Burger

Priced at Rs. 990, Street Burger's iftar special is available from 3.00 PM to 7.00 PM every day of the week. With burgers, garlic bun, crispy ripple chicken strips, mini fries, 2 sauce dips, a juice bottle and water, it totally gives your money's worth.

Contact: 0112595559

Baked Colombo

Baked Colombo is offering, not one, not two, but five super impressive iftar packs this year. They have two budget iftar packs for Rs. 890, two best-seller iftar packs for Rs. 990 and one Boss's Favourite iftar pack for Rs. 990. 

Contact: 0777154154

Indulge Desserts Co.

An ensemble of dates, water, samosas, kanji, drinks and the bubble waffles that they're well known for, the iftar indulgence by Indulge Desserts Co. comes as two packages - one at Rs. 850 and the other at Rs. 1800. These are obtainable at their branches down Stratford Avenue and Marine Drive. 

Contact: 0117682314/ 0117460008

Diner's Lounge

Diner's Lounge is celebrating this holy month with a lovely iftar buffet as well as a simple iftar pack. 

Contact: 0112599344/ 0112599944

Gi-Gi Flavours

Gi-Gi Flavours does some of the best Sri Lankanised Chinese food we've had in a long time. Throughout this Ramadan, they're arranging these goodies to a buffet, along with complimentary dates, porridge, water and short eats, every Saturday and Sunday. It seems like a solid deal for just Rs. 1350 per person.

Contact: 0779966519

Epi-Q Express Gourmet

Veering off from the usual, Epi-Q Express Gourmet is presenting an elegant 3-tier Iftar High Tea package, comprised of hot and crispy samosas and a bunch of other savouries and sweets. Make sure to place your orders 3 hours in advance. 

Contact: 0777300438

Doner & Durum

Colombo's one-spot for doner kebabs and shawarma, Doner & Durum's iftar pack is consists of dates, kanji, hummus, roti, chicken kebab and cigar borek chicken. Priced at Rs. 1200.

Contact: 0779977993

Mitsi's Delicacies

With 4 iftar packs, Mitsi's Delicacies has a lot to offer this Ramadan. The pricing of them ranges from Rs. 600 to Rs. 2500.

Contact: 0777163090


Chambers highlights themselves for their super authentic Morrocan fare, and this time around, they've prepared 2 spectacular iftar platters featuring some of their best dishes - like Tabbouleh, Mutton Musakhan Rolls, Harissa Hummus and Mutabbal, to name a few. These are available for pickup and delivery only, and they accept orders until 4.30 PM, every day.

Contact: 0772100009

Colombo Chaiwala

How about some fine chai as you break fast? Head on over to Colombo Chaiwala for their carefully curated iftar menu. 

Contact: DM

The Dining Room (Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo)

The Dining Room at Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo promises a wide array of traditional iftar delights at their iftar buffet this year. The price per head is Rs. 3500, and the fourth person dines for free when you pay for 3 people. It takes place every day from 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM.

Contact: 0112491930

Hilton Colombo

Hilton Colombo's iftar delicacies are up for grabs through delivery and takeaway. Simply visit to place your orders. 

Contact: 0112492492

Cafe 64 (Galadari Hotel)

Galadari Hotel hosts their iftar specials at Cafe 64, from 3.30 PM to 6.00 PM.

Contact: 0112544544