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Beachside Dining In CMB

Good food, with a cool breeze for excellent people.

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Seafood by the seashore. There's something mystique about the vast sea, even frightening. Anyway, you can always enjoy a very contrastingly calm feeling when you are enjoying the breeze. Either profound or just mundane reasoning, I feel that this is one of the many benefits we don't enjoy as much, even if are living in an island surrounded by a beautiful beach.

Let's admit it - there is something insurmountably amazing about beachside dining. Let us take a look at some of the good places for you to enjoy the mystical sea breeze, sound of the waves, and get your seaside munch on.

Sugar Beach

With an exceptional ambience, we feel that this should be a must on anyone’s list who wants to enjoy a beachside meal. Offering up some welcoming service and good food and cocktails, along with a wonderful feeling that you are actually somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle in Colombo, we'd highly recommend this place. 

Seafood Cove

This seafood specialist is brought to you by none other than the prestigious Mount Lavinia Hotel. They serve an impressive spread of fresh seafood. Given that it's located on the private beach of the hotel, you can totally count on an enjoyable seaside dining experience. While prices can range from mid for high end, we'd say it's worth it.

JoJo’s Place

With a menu aligned with the usual seaside bar scene and the Chinese-esque food offering, it’s easy to gloss over this place. But their HBC is not something you should risk missing. They also have BYOB (for a corkage fee).

The Shore By O!

A popular name among anyone who hangs out at Mount Lavinia beach or a name you will hear quite often if you are asking for recommendations on a place to enjoy some decent food, cocktails and some excellent seaside view. A little bit on the expensive side, but what they offer totally make up for it.

The Station

Keeping with the likes of seaside dining, this beach restaurant comes forward with the food offerings of Chinese and Thai spin on it. They carry a decent balance on the price to food and the ambience they offer. BYOBing here is entitled to a corkage fee, but if what you are looking for is a relaxing evening with some good food and friends, this place sure seem to satisfy.


With a seating space shaded with beautiful mangroves, Barracuda is one of the most popular members in Colombo's beachside dining scene. It's a decent place to chillax with the sea breeze and enjoy the sand beneath your toes while munching on some savoury tapas and of course, some booze, especially at night under the lights.

The Beach Wadiya

The old school beachside restaurant holds its reputation with the fast and simply good food. They’ve been around for a while, and well-known for anyone who is looking to get some seafood for an affordable price. Generally offers what has been caught from the local fishermen, and despite the not-so-compelling ambience, their food surprisingly good. 

Buba Restaurant and the Beach Club

Here's another place to hang out and enjoy some okay food and much-appreciated BYOB - the Buba Restaurant and the Beach Club. While they have a tendency to cater to the foreigners first, it's an alright choice. 

Loon Tao

Loon Tao offers an extensive menu and through that, presents themselves as a great addition to the seaside dining in CMB. With a range of East Asian flavours curated to please Sri Lankan palette, it's a popular spot.

La Langousterie

A bit hidden away beyond the main stretch of the Mt. Lavinia beach restaurants, this place offers a simple spread of seafood and meats for an okay price tag. You may get to enjoy the company of a cat or a dog as a part of your dining experience. 

So what's your favourite beachside dining spot? Please do let us know in the comments.

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