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Season's Eatings

Here's a bunch of places that have taken a more healthy approach to your favourite dishes.

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*This post is brought to you by FLORA. 

The season of eating is here! With it comes the hauls of Christmas cake, buffet-style lunches at your relatives' house and if nothing else, a whole bunch of meet-ups and such that all those people who came from abroad expect you to make an appearance at. 

However, there's a slim -almost non-existent chance that you'll be termed "healthy" with all this coming into play. But, hear us out on this one.

Flora fat spread

Taking a more healthier,  plant based approache now with Flora fat spread. Their fat spread is made of a carefully chosen vegetable oils to make a wonderful new substitute for butter. 

A combination of Omega 3 and 6 with Vitamins A, D and E, Flora fat spread is trans-fat-free and doesn't come with the guilt that comes with eating things that come with the dairy industry. 


We happened to try a few specials done by a couple of restaurants who had used Flora fat spread in their food to see how everything was. Here's how that went. 

Salad Maps 

Christmas Salad - Rs. 600 per Jar- excluding taxes and delivery fee

The first partner vendor that we happened to come across on this strange journey was Salad Maps. Known for doing a great number of salads that embody a certain country, we liked our experience here. 

The Flora Christmas Salad followed suit to our experience. A large mason jar packed to the brim with Brussel sprouts, sliced up turkey, rocket leaves, nuts, peaches and bell peppers all brought together by the white sauce that had been made using Flora fat spread. 

It had a mellow sweetness running through the salad thanks to the peaches, a kick of acidity from the rocket leaves, a light meaty feeling erupting from the sliced turkey. The salad was light and refreshing and the creaminess of the white sauce really helped pull everything together. It's a pretty great option to go with if you're looking for a lunch that's healthy but had a tinge of creaminess to remind you that being healthy doesn't necessarily have to mean tasteless. 

Contact details;
176, Lake Drive, Rajagiriya
Mobile - 076 858 3799 (Delivery based - dine in not available) 

The Sandwich Factory 

The Merry Turkey Melt & BBQ Turkey melt
Rs. 990 per Melt (excluding taxes and delivery fee)

Given how turkey meat is generally associated with a white Christmas, the Christmas Special items by The Sandwich Factory, no doubt, revolved around the likes of the giant chicken bird. 

We happened to try both Sandwiches and we assure you that they are full proof. However, going into detail is essential for things like this which is what we'll be doing right now. 

Let's start with one with BBQ Turkey with Pickled Onions. Both these sandwiches had been made to suit the Sri Lankan palette which is why the pickled onion had been used instead of the likes of cranberry sauce. 

It had two thick slices of kadey paan with a generous filling of BBQ sauce doused turkey and pickled onions. With a slight acidic tang coming from the pickles, the sandwich was slathered with cheese and resembled what we assume American dreams are made of. The fat spread resembled butter in every way you could have imagined (minus the saturated fat bit, of course). All in all, it was a burst of flavour at every bite.

The other sandwich was the one with the turkey stuffing. It was plentiful with spiced up sweet chilli sauce, and while most of the others preferred the BBQ x pickled onion combo, the stuffing x chilli sauce managed to steal my personal attention.

Contact details;
10, Palm Grove, Colombo 03.
Telephone - 0114 333 363

My Sister's Kitchen 

Brover/Love Cake and Oatmeal Cookies.

Brover - Rs. 1,200 for  6 pieces                                                                              Love Cake - Rs. 1,500 for  500 grams                                                                  Oatmeal Cookies - Rs. 1,200 for  6 pieces                                                         
*Delivery charges are applicable and may vary as per the drop location(s). 

The specials by My Sister's Kitchen managed to hit just the right spots in terms of sentimentality and revolved around the likes of Love Cake, Oatmeal Cookies, a Dutch sweet and Butterbeer. 

Sweet, moist and buttery to just the right amount, the Love Cake was beautiful. Sweet enough for you to be satisfied with just one and with just the right amount of spice to balance everything out, the Love Cake at My Sister's Kitchen took us straight back to our childhood long gone and came as a pretty welcome surprise. 

The Oatmeal cookie had to be my favourite though, flecked with whole almonds, raisins, and an abundance of oatmeal, the cookies had a nice crunch on the outside and had just the right amount of sweetness. Paired with the fruity raisins, it was a treat. 

The Dutch sweet which we were told is called Brover, but isn't really sure was beautifully decked with nutmeg and was made using semolina. It was sweet, but not so much that you'd never want to eat it again.

The real showstopper, however, was the Butterbeer. A sickly sweet, yet utterly delightful drink. It isn't for those of you who don't appreciate a high sugar content. And even then, there's a sense of connection that you need with Harry Potter we believe that you need to gulp one of these down.

Contact details;
No.53 New City Garden, Gadabuwana , Piliyandala.
Mobile -077 301 751. (Delivery based - dine in not available) 

Get your favourite Christmas dish or two from above delivered right to your doorstep via Uber eats without spending too much time on the road.  NOTE - in relation to the goodies available from My Sister's Kitchen, we recommend that you contact them directly via 

"Flora wishes all its customers a healthylicious Christmas and delicious new year!"
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