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Peekaboo: Google See Inside, Now In Sri Lanka

Never been to Peddlar's Inn? Take a look around by simply clicking See Inside on Google Maps.

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So, Google Street View has covered some of Sri Lanka, and better yet, it's even got the option to See Inside a few places. Never been to Pedlar's Inn? Simply look it up on Google Maps, as per below:

Take a look around by clicking See Inside on Google Maps. It's the link below Popular Times, as circled above. This is what you get:


That's the upstairs section that I've never been to, and always forget to check out. So, I'm quite pleased that I can sate my curiosity from the comfort of my laptop and not have to endure the social anxieties of actually being there. Joke. I like the vibe there. It's pretty chill.

Coco Veranda looks pretty compact when you check it out on this, but it kind of is like that, anyway. If more places were covered like this, deciding on where to go when you've got a crowd would be much easier. 

Above is Asylum, the bar at Independence Arcade, pretty much the only happening spot there, apart from Burger King. They've usually got good musicians playing over the weekend (not pictured). As you can see, it's quite a pretty setup, and there seems to be just enough space, too. The pictures aren't high definition to the point that you could read the label of a wine bottle, but why would you want to do that, really? 

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