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Sexy Burger Photos - 2020

14 pictures of sexy burgers.

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A fat, juicy patty grounded with the finest meats and spices and grilled to perfection to give that slight crisp, a layer of melting cheese covering it up, an egg that's pouring out with splendidly runny, golden coloured yolk, making things messier in the best possible way, a heap of colourful veggies to produce a good crunch, the right helping of sauce to keep things elevated, and a sesame-garnished bun stacking all these together so beautifully, there's nothing quite equal to the joy of sinking your teeth into a delicious burger. This is something we've been missing for a while.
And as we wait for the world to get back to normal, here are 14 pictures of sexy burgers we've had over the years that can give you a burgasm even by looking at them.
Go on, we dare you not to look!

Sasebo Burger - KIKU

Grilled Chicken Burger - Cafe Divine Street

Breakfast Burger - Colombo Fort Cafe (Dutch Hospital)

Bacon, Egg and Pol Sambol Burger - The Islandic (Flamingo House)

Texas Cowboy - The Original Rocket Burger

Burgers for Brekkie - Nivasa

Chicken Burger - Life's Good Kitchen

Thunder Voltage - Street Burger

Jerk Chicken Burger - Shack Beach Cafe

Signature Black Mumbo Burger - Brew Lounge (Zylan Luxury Villa)

Pesto Chicken Bagel Burger - Seed Cafe

St Paddy's Corned Beef Burger - The Four Leafed Clover

It's Clobberin' Time - Geek HQ

The Dinklage burger - The VoV Coffee Lounge

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