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Sexy Rice Photos - 2019

Some of the sexiest plates of rice & curry we've had the pleasure of diving in.

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Ah, rice & curry! 

A mountain of beautifully cooked, fluffy rice, piled with colourful curries, this is basically the king of Lankan culinary fare. We gobble them down from dusk to dawn, regardless of the mood that we're in, or the time of the day.

A plateful of rice is truly filling, and if done right, it comes packing a lot of nutrients, textures and flavours, thanks to gazillion number of spices we infuse in them. Mind you, this is not for the hesitant eaters. Spicy, sweet, sour, bitter, milky or salty - you name it, they've got it. It's not just fiery curries, but also the condiments like papadum, pol sambol, seeni sambol, and achcharu that make everything interesting in a buth packet/plate. 

Despite how many times we Lankans eat it on a daily basis, a picture of a buth plate always a treat for the eyes. The messier it is, the sexier it gets - to the point we can't stop ourselves from wanting to gorge on it.

We at YAMU take so many pictures of rice, with different meats and veg curries, and also, variations of that as well - nasi goreng, biriyani, fried rice, and lamprais etc. So imagine the torture we put ourselves through every day. Even compiling this piece has made me constantly look at the clock, while counting the minutes until I can have my lunch break.  

So here's our fun list of 16 of the sexiest pictures of absolutely delicious buth plates for you to drool over. 

Prawn Rice & Curry at Tiffinbox - Rs. 360
Veg Rice & Curry at Ranbath - Rs. 350Chicken Liver Rice & Curry at Pela (Delkanda) - Rs. 200
Nasi Goreng Fried Rice at Banana Leaf (Rs. 620)Chicken Lamprais at The Fab - Rs. 480Egg Rice & Curry at Thawalama - Rs. 180
Crab Rice & Curry Yarl Eat House - Around Rs. 250

Chicken Rice & Curry at Kaala Balan - Maha Gedara - Rs. 280

Yello Rice & Curry with Soya Meat (offered in buffet style) at Awanhala (Kollupitiya) - Rs. 450

Javanese Seafood Fried Rice at Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar - Around Rs. 1000

Mutton Biriyani at The Biriyani Restaurant - Rs. 780

Prawn Rice & Curry at Jeewa's Polos and Kuma's Healthy Foods - Rs. 600

Pork Rice & Curry at Jaadi Samanga Game Kaema - Rs. 280

Thora Fish Rice & Curry at Palpatha - Rs. 300

Tandoori Chicken Dum Biriyani at Chana's - Rs. 600

Pork Rice & Curry with Fried Fish add-on at Ambul Thiyal - Rs. 350


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