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Spicy Food For Your Cup Of Tea

we bring you this list to commemorate some of our favourite tea time snacks that aren't that sweet.

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After centuries of colonial rule, if it all simmers down to just one point, it would be that tea is probably the best thing handed over to us by the colonial rulers. Even decades after they had decided to finally call it quits on us, we still manage to get at least one cup down just for the kick of it. 

It's a known fact that is better with a snack on the side. And somehow, we always end up with a list of very very sweet things...until now. 

Thus, we bring you this list to commemorate some of our favourite tea time snacks that aren't that sweet.


 When in doubt and faced with a scenario where one is met with a cup of plain tea (with ginger) and a heap of options, a couple of crispy, hot hoppers and spicy lunu miris is always the best way to go. It's one combo nothing else can beat, trust us on this. 

Cream Cracker ensemble

Cream crackers are pretty much the pride and joy of tea drinking culture in SL and we all know why. With cheese, pol sambol, margarine or with nothing at all, cream crackers work brilliantly with a cup of creamy masala chai and you know it. 

Maalu Paan

We don't mean to discriminate because we genuinely do think that tea goes with each and every bun. But, given how this list refers only to things spicy, we're going to have to stick to our personal fave; the fish bun. Spicy with just enough plain bun for you to not break into a fierce sweat, fish buns and plain tea are worth it all. 


You go to any tea party, and you're bound to see at least one of these bad boys there. A plate of tower-like club sandwiches with layers of carrot, beetroot and cabbage work out wonderfully well with a cup of hot, sweet milk tea and there's no denying it. 

Short Eats

For when your sandwich/fish bun isn't spicy enough, we have the cutlet, patty, samosa or fish roll, coming into play. Personally, I prefer my short eats with a cup of steaming plain tea, but, it really depends on your taste buds. However, there's one thing we can agree on, and that is that these work wonderfully well at tea time. 

Pol Roti

If you're one to travel around the country, you probably would have realised the sudden increase in spots serving pol roti and plain tea along the side of the road. It's a match made in heaven, everyone loves it; particularly because they are being served with a helping of katta sambol/lunu miris infused with a dash of nai miris, and/or polos curry. 


Wadey is a more obvious one on our list. Whether it be parippu, ulundu or isso, they all work like a charm when it comes to a cup of masala, plain or just ordinary milk tea. 

Instant Noodles 

I can't be the only one who eats instant noodles in the afternoon and we're positive that anyone else who had tried it knows just how well a cup of amber, sweet tea works with a steamy bowl of gooey Kottu Mee garnished with a dash of chilli flakes. 

Egg Roti & Fish Curry

If you haven't tried this combo yet, we highly suggest that you do. It's quite simple really, all you need to do is go to any roadside joint and ask for a cut-up egg roti and ask them to put fish gravy on it. It works with any kind of tea! 

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