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Sri Lankan Sakura

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If you noticed a sudden burst of pink around the city, Tabebuia Rosea is the culprit.


A tree in full bloom looks quite similar to a cherry blossom tree (perhaps we can re-name the rather troublesome tabebuia rosea to Sri Lankan Sakura?). The flowers are papery thin and light and they twirl as they fall, covering the grass in a sheet of snowy pink. It's very pretty.


We can't find a great deal of information about it online, but it appears to have an intense and brief flowering period that, in Colombo, seems to happen somewhere between Jan and Feb. We seem to be at the tail end of the season now, and while there are a few flowers left they're no longer drifting off beautiful, replete branches, so the effect isn't quite the same.

In case you missed it, here are some pictures (mainly taken at Viharamahadevi Park). Send us more if you have any :)





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