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Supporting Local During COVID; What Can You Do?

8 simple things that you can do to support local businesses during COVID-19 pandemic.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a difficult time for the local businesses. While most of them are now up and running after the lockdown, it will take quite a bit of time for them to fully recover and return to the previous state of the business. 
So, it's time to do your bit, to help them revive. Here are 7 simple ways. 

Shop Online

We didn't realise the convenience of online shopping, up until the lockdown period. Sure, they were not perfect in the beginning, but over time, they actually got better and reliable. It allows you to shop from anywhere, and it's a nice way to support the local businesses while keeping yourself safe. 

From restaurants and grocery shops to clothing stores and jewellers, a lot of businesses now have the online ordering option. Some of them are teamed up with third-party delivery platforms, a few do it independently, while the rest has the call and order facility.

Order Takeout Whenever You Can Or Dine-in

During the lockdown, there was a huge rise in the number of restaurants that delivers food, both in and out of Colombo. Aside from the roadside kottu joints, many other restaurants, including 5-star hotels started food delivery to continue serving their customers amid this crisis. Thankfully, almost all of them are still active, so even if you're hesitant about sitting down for a meal at your favourite restaurant post-lockdown, you can still support them by ordering in.

Buy From Independently Owned Businesses

Like we've discussed above, many independently owned businesses now have the delivery option. You can help them out to stay alive during these hard times by ordering products from them, instead of limiting yourselves to popular supermarket chains/ delivery websites.

Or, simply stop by these stalls on your way back from work. They usually have very fresh produce - from vegetables and fruits to dried fish and seafood.

Purchase Gift Cards

Most of the clothing stores are now open, but with a few precautionary methods to keep their staff and customers safe from COVID-19. Many have implemented a no-exchange policy until further notice, while a few have open fitting rooms. It's not exactly easy to purchase garments under these circumstances, but you can support them to stay afloat by purchasing gift cards, which you can use after these restrictions are relaxed. 

Tip Well

Many restaurants, such as cafes have these tip jars at their counters. Even if they're charging a service fee, show your kindness by tipping. Or, if you're dining at a roadside kottu joint, leave a generous tip to your waiter. It will mean a lot to them.

Show Your Support On Social Media

If you're dining out or ordering in, make sure to snap a photo or two, and post them on social media as a support to these restaurants. Follow, like, comment and share the posts by your favourite restaurants and spread the news about them being open, and the discounts/deals that they may have. 

Day Outs/Stays

A lot of hotels are open now, and they come with fantastic discounts/offers. Plus, there are many interesting day outing packages too. Plan a vacation with your loved ones while opting for these deals. It will definitely soothe your mind, while helping Sri Lanka's tourism industry to rebuild.

Click here for our updated list of Day outing packages.

Leave a Review

While helping the businesses to grow, leaving positive reviews on their Facebook/TripAdvisor pages or on Google will definitely give the emotional support they need at these tough times. YAMU also has a User Review option if you need to write something nice about your favourite restaurant.

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