T20 World Cup Food

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The T20 World Cup is proudly in Sri Lanka this year. How's the food?

It's OK. It's fine, and there's beer, but there are very few vegetarian options for the many visiting Indians. Pepsi and it's former company Yum! Brands seems to have the rights for everything, so it's all their products - KFC, Frito-Lay, etc. And there's Lion Beer, which is sorta a vegetable. Besides that the veg Indian are stuck with potato chips. Pizza Hut also makes the rounds, but I'm not sure they're doing a vegetarian pizza. There's also hot dogs.

KFC remains insanely expensive - Rs. 270 for spicy drumlets. The hot dogs, however, are reasonable at Rs. 100 and it's the same price for a cup of beer. They also have these innovative cardboard carrying cases to take six cups of beer at a time. This is useful because the beer seems watered down or something, not especially buzz making.

One sometimes wishes we had something vaguely local - some wade, a kottu maybe, some cheese roti or prawn wade. On the whole, however, the corporate overlords of Sri Lanka's Cricket stadiums have not been bad. Enjoy the World Cup. If you're looking for some places to watch, we've made a list of the top six.