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Taste Off: Kizz - Carbonated Fruit Juice By Kist

Which was the best Kizz?

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It's been some time since Kist introduced their line of fruit flavoured carbonated drinks: Kizz. Assuring ourselves that the hype around it was not like a Fijian rugby match (where they are absolute beasts in the first half and then off-colour after that initial surge of superhuman energy), we decided on checking out what they tasted like. With their see-through plastic can, the juices look quite appealing. 

Our First Kizz

Pictured above (from left to right): Lemon and Mint, Apple, Orange, Ginger, and Strawberry

Found at any Cargills, these bubbly, colourful cans of magic are just Rs.100 each. Comparatively new on the block, the Kizz is increasing in popularity due to their unorthodox packaging and also their capitalization on our favourite flavours and presenting them with a twist. 


We started off with the Strawberry flavoured Kizz. Coming in a plastic can, the content of the juice looked very appealing with its pinkish-red hue, and our first sip was equally satisfying. It didn't have that much of a unique flavour to it - it tasted more like the liquified version of a Jumbo Jolly popsicle. Being one of our childhood favourites, no complaints on this aspect though. This was amongst our favourites from the available flavours. 


This entailed a weird after taste; we expected it to taste more like the Apple Soda, but there was a significant difference between the usual apple juice and this one by Kist. Due to the unfamiliar taste, we cannot ensure if you would like it, but we weren't huge fans.

Lemon and Mint

The Lemon and Mint; usually an amazing combination, and one that we were eager to try out. Despite the fact that we had high expectations, the Lemon and Mint probably ranked at the bottom for us. The minty flavour overpowered the flavour of lemon, and at one point it felt like we were having mint flavoured water. We feel like this was pretty good when this range was first introduced, but the taste seems to have slightly deteriorated since then.


If you're not a fan of strong flavoured drinks, you'll like the Ginger flavoured Kizz. Although it does perfectly retain the ginger flavour, it is also more pleasant than your usual carbonated ginger-based drinks. This Kizz, we wouldn't mind having multiple times.


The Orange flavoured Kizz tasted just like the Orange Crush; we wouldn't have been able to distinguish between the two based on its taste. It tasted like your ordinary fizzy orange juice, and we would have liked a bit of innovation,  but we'll take it.

So there you have it - a detailed account of the Kizzes presented by Kist. What's your favourite Kizz? Please do let us know in the comments. 

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