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Tea Stalls In Colombo - 2021

Would you like a cup of tea?

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A cup of tea to warm up through the evening, but can't wait until you go home? Here we have a list of tea stalls in Colombo that brew up some excellent cuppas, for just Rs. 100.

Chaiwala Colombo

Chaiwala Colombo usually parks their tea tuk down Marine Drive, close to OZO Colombo. Their menu is quite simple and affordable - just some tea and snacks, priced under Rs. 100. We highly recommend the Tandoori Chai, which was distinctively spicy and aromatic, while their Cardamom Chai leans on the sweet side. If you're into something coffee-based, check out the Sukku Coffee. 

All these can be paired up with some tasty sweet and spicy delights - like Cake Rusks, Podi Maalu Paan, Chicken Cupcake or Fish Tawa Roti.

Colombo Chaiwala

Colombo Chaiwala isn't actually a roadside tea stall. It's a chai-centric restaurant in Bambalapitiya, with a proper dining space. 

Samosa and Chai is a match made in heaven, and Colombo Chaiwala has them both. In fact, their Beef Samosa is one of the best we've had in the city, and we can say the same about their chais. They also have some sweet offerings to accompany your cup of chai.

Colombo Chaiwala is quite budget-friendly too. The tea range starts at Rs. 80 and goes up to Rs. 150, while the snacks are available from Rs. 150 and upwards.

Unu Unu Tea Express

Unu Unu Tea Express is a small tea stall down Jaya Road, that makes some wonderfully flavoursome cuppas, with the addition of fine local spices.

They have four kinds of tea - Saffron Tea, Cardamom Tea, Spiced Lime Tea and Spiced Plain Tea, and they do a killer job at crafting them up. We absolutely enjoyed the Saffron Tea, which was basically a cup full of warmth and comfort. Every cup here is priced at Rs. 100.

Bombay Chaiwala

Bombay Chaiwala is where you can find more forms of tea - Masala Chai, Cardamom Chai, Lime Plain Tea and Ginger Plain Tea etc. This tea stand is located right in front of Mahanama College down Duplication Road.

In the snacks department, Bombay Chaiwala makes some beloved local treats, such as Pani Pol Pancakes, or you can opt for their fantastic Cinnamon Rolls. Almost all of them are priced under Rs. 100.

Badam Doodh

Badam Dooodh in Wellawatte isn't exactly a tea stall, but we thought of mentioning them here simply because of the awesome almond milk-based drinks they serve.

They do both hot and cold drinks, like Badam Kheer, Badam Rose Milk and Badam Doodh, offered at Rs. 120 or less. You can enjoy them while snacking on some Bread Chaat or Banoffee Pudding.

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