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The Best Brownies In Town

In search of the best brownie...

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Do you know what would put the sunshine back in your life again? (Well... that's only if your sunshine has been missing these days). A brownie. But not any ole brownie, lest we settle on dry, brittle, inedible soulless brownies. You need to get your hands on the softest, fudgiest brownies in town and to help you do just that, we are putting down a blog of the best brownies we have had the pleasure of meeting (and gobbling).

Smokey's - The Brownie Bar 

We reviewed Smokey's Brownies a few years ago when they were just a home-baker and we loved them then. Now they've got a place of their own at Mt. Lavinia to sit down and indulge. So if you are in the vicinity, we suggest a drop in at their brownie bar. 

Treats N Stuff

Treats N Stuff has long-standing and softest brownies. Again we've reviewed them a million years ago.... well a long time ago and we fondly remember how good the brownies were.

Ru's Kitchen 

Ru's Kitchen is a home baker whose brownies are gooey, fudgy magic. We ordered another batch just the other day and it was superb. Available at The Cauldron, Coffee & Company and Bubblucious. They are best hot from the oven. Soft and decadent which can be purchased by placing an order.


With a variety of gooey, fudgy brownies, this place live up to their name by being scrumptious - your taste buds will love you for dropping in here.

Milk & Honey Cafe 

The brownie here comes highly recommended, so its a must try right? Right.

The Blue Swan

Amongst all the home-baked goodness they boast of, this little cafe by the road at Fife Road is a gem of for their hot off the oven brownies. 

Well... this is not an exhaustive list because we might just as be happy to go on and on and on... endlessly. You can add on your favourite places on comments to help us folks get our sugar fix.

Charles M. Schulz says it best, 'All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.'


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