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The Boulevard: Has Anyone Been Here?

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We recently discovered a new restaurant - just opposite The Cricket Club - called The Boulevard. Has anyone been here?

We wandered in to have a quick look but didn't order anything. The place is surprisingly large. You can see a few chairs and tables from outside, but once you go in there are several other sections and a lovely large outdoor area. We asked what the cuisine was but the guy didn't really seem to know. Well, he said fine dining, but it isn't really. They seem to do grills mainly, and pasta and salad. To give you an idea, grilled prawns (Rs. 1350), penne chicken with basil, olive and pesto (Rs. 850), chicken kebabs (Rs. 1110), Caesar salad (Rs. 500), etc.

From a purely appearance based assessment, The Boulevard doesn't look overly promising. It lacks a certain thematic cohesion - there are old Broadway posters here and there, and it seems to aspire to be quite posh although this doesn't really fit in with the somewhat unexciting menu. It's such a large restaurant, and so fancy looking, but doesn't seem to serve anything special enough to make you actively decide to go there. We're not really sure what they're trying to be. Oh, and they don't serve alcohol. No corkage either.

But hey, who knows, the food could be great. And the staff are very sweet.

So has anyone else been here? And any predictions on how it may turn out?
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