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Brew 1867 by Dilmah; Now Brewing At The Hatch

The new branch of Brew 1867 is hatched.

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Colombo's one-spot for grab & go meals, Brew 1867 by Dilmah has come a long way since their first outlet down Nawam Mawatha. The newest branch was hatched recently, at the Hatch Works - the best coworking space of 2020, and a place where enthusiastic innovators gather to make a difference. In fact, this is Brew 1867 by Dilmah's second branch in the vicinity of Colombo Fort.

The main aim here is to establish a casual, sustainable, and enjoyable community cafe where one can enjoy a cup of Dilmah tea, without just limiting it to its conventional sense.

At Brew 1867 by Dilmah, tea is a way of bonding over a conversation or boosting up your intellectual capacity, which plays a pivotal role in accomplishing one's goals as an entrepreneur. And of course, tea is known for its health benefits. 

What New At The New Brew?

Brew 1867 by Dilmah always makes sure to take a step forward with their new outlets, rather than repeating what they've got already going on, and it's no exception this time as well. This all-new branch seems to have many new, delightful additions to it. 

The biggest highlight is the live cooking station. Whether it be Mongolian rice, fried rice, kottu, or pooris, you can get them made here. The grab & go option is still available for your convenience, but if you have a few minutes to properly sit down for a meal, this live cooking station has a lot to offer.

A whole bunch of new items are on the menu, including Kos Kottu, Purple Yam and Almonds Shake, and did we mention the Masala Chai with Bombai Muttai? Seriously, you have got to try them all! I did, and I'm counting days to go back and get my hands on the Masala Chai again. 

Their new range of healthy desserts is absolutely exciting. Using very local, healthy ingredients like kithul, Brew 1867 by Dilmah has crafted up a nice collection of low GI, guilt-free desserts for your indulgence. The keto meals are worth checking out too, especially the Grilled Chicken and Sailfish, which also includes a side of grilled veggies.

Everything they've got on the grab & go section is freshly made every day using the freshest ingredients, so you can always count on the flavour and the nutritional value in it.

The budget-friendly prices are always a plus point at the Brew 1867 by Dilmah. There are a lot of dishes that you can grab under Rs. 600, while most of the drinks are priced between Rs. 200 - Rs. 400.

What's More?

This wonderful collaboration of Dilmah and Hatch Works has more interesting things brewing, including a venture to empower the agricultural entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. They have also dedicated space in the cafe to capture the essence of the love we bear for the Sri Lankan coffee and tea, through the creative art of the talented, upcoming artists in the country.

So if you're in the area, swing by. The Brew 1867 by Dilmah is a great place to get some good food, with a steaming hot cup of tea on the side, and feel free to wander around the Hatch Works and meet some of the finest entrepreneurs of our time. 

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