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The Éclair Taste-Off

A quick guide to getting the best and worst éclairs in Colombo!

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Finding an éclair that tastes as good as it looks is as rare as finding a middle aged Sri Lankan man without a pot belly. We have constantly been deceived by pretty éclairs that taste like chocolate flavoured cement mixed with sadness. When will this travesty end? Where do we find that perfect éclair? Does it even exist?

These questions bothered us so much we launched The Ultimate Éclair War.

We hopped around Colombo to hunt down the best éclair in the city, and the contenders were -

  • Green Cabin
  • Klassy
  • Cafe on the 5th
  • Sen Saal
  • BreadTalk
  • Perera and Sons
  • Paan Paan
  • Sponge
  • Divine
  • Keells
  • Cravings

Note: we couldn't get our hands on the éclairs at The Cake Factory and The Fab, as they didn't have any when we popped in twice.

Green Cabin (Rs 85)

Green Cabin's éclair didn't blow our tastebuds away. It was your basic bakery éclair with a really soft choux pastry and super sweet chocolate cream filling. It tasted a lot like the icing on their chocolate cake. So, chances of the filling being their mass produced chocolate icing are quite high.

Klassy (Rs 80)

Klassy's éclairs have been satisfying in the past. This time around, too, we couldn't really complain much besides an overdose of chocolate via the filling and icing combined. The soft choux pastry coupled with extremely decadent chocolate is not for the faint hearted (and diabetic).

Cafe on the 5th (Rs 90)

The éclairs at Cafe on the 5th and Tasty Caterers are the same as they're both owned by the same folks.

It was a well established fact that their éclairs were the bomb. But it is with deep regret, remorse and sadness that I inform you these didn't taste as great as they used to. The pastry was a little hard, the filling tasted of margarine and on the whole, they didn't taste too fresh. 

Here's hoping this was just one unfortunate experience and they get back to making their amazeballs éclairs ASAP!


Sen Saal (Rs 75)

Despite succeeding at getting airy and soft pastry, there was no distinct taste coming through. It wasn't sweet either, and that completely contradicts the whole point of making an éclair. Plus this presentation was...uninspiring.

BreadTalk (Rs 145)

For Rs 145, you'd expect more than a mere thin chocolate coating atop very hard pastry. The filling, on the contrary, satisfied us with enough chocolate, but definitely not worth the monies.

Perera and Sons (Rs 50)

For Rs 50 you're not really getting an éclair. You're paying for a hard pastry filled with icing sugar with a hint of chocolate topped with a thing chocolate coating.

Cheap, but definitely not worth buying.

Paan Paan (Rs 90)

This was the prettiest éclair of all. The pastry was slightly soft and the chocolate coating was decadent. However, the filling felt a lot like a sugary icing you'd top a cupcake with, and that didn't work too well for our liking.

Sponge (Rs 100)

The choux pastry was alright - neither soft nor hard. The filling was basic chocolate icing and the top was basic chocolate.

It was average.

Divine (Rs 100)

This éclair looked quite appealing but it was an average, insanely sweet éclair that didn't really stand out.

Keells (Rs 85)

Biting in to this felt like trying to take a bite of Sigiriya rock. The extremely hard pastry had a filling that looked brown enough to remind us of chocolate (and other things, if you're creative and slightly disgusting), but it didn't taste of chocolate. Weird and bad tasting, this is an éclair that is best avoided.

Cravings (Rs 200)

Drum rolls and the papare, please!

Soft choux pastry with a filling that had a mix of both custard and icing, topped with rich chocolate and nougat, this tasted heavenly. Unanimously, this éclair was crowned the winner in this mellow, chocolatey battle. At Rs 200 this lands on the pricey posh end of this French pastry spectrum, but was it worth the money? HELL, YEAH.

Based on our experience, Cravings is the new (yet pricey) spot to sate our éclair cravings.

Cravings is a newly opened dessert spot right opposite The Manhattan Fish Market down Duplication Road, Col 03. Our review will be out soon.

Have your own personal favourites? Let us know in the comments section!

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