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The Fab Lamprais

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YAMU has done a lamprais taste-off with six contenders. Spoiler alert: the DBU won. We did not, however, cover every possible lamprais. One notable lump we left out was from Fab, which we had a chance to try this weekend. And it was good.

There are many things sold as lamprais, but few are authentic. What most miss is the mixed meat curry, the stock-infused rice and details like the blachan (shrimp paste). It's quite possible to have a nice rice and curry in a banana leaf, but there's stills something special about an authentic lamprais.

Despite substituting chicken for mixed meat, the Fab lamprais does quite well. The rice is stocky and good, the eggplant is just right and there's enough blachan and seeni sambol to keep the taste-buds tantalized. Overall, really quite good. We forget the price but we think it was around Rs. 350 sorry for that.

We're also sorry we didn't include Fab in the original taste-off. It's a real contender.
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