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The Guide To Finding The Perfect Soup

Read as we convince of what you should probably feel the next time you get a bowl of broth.

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Soup is a wonderful thing. Coming in all kinds of consistencies with a range of flavours and the ability to hit just the right spots, soup is a mighty meal that a lot of people tend to overlook.

But, if there's one thing I've realised from working at YAMU for so long is that different kinds of soups need to be associated with particular moods and such to get an optimum experience out of it; which is pretty much where this article comes into play.

Nostalgia Central 

Almost every single one of us was raised by the grace of this pureed orange goodness, and ain't nothing to give you the feels of what it felt like to be kid, with your mother forcing pumpkin into your diet like good old pumpkin soup. Which brings us to the fact that the next time you're looking for some particularly wholesome and nostalgic goodness, if they've got pumpkin soup on the list, you're sorted. 

Something Light To Kickstart The Meal 

One of the most frequently found soups in Colombo happens to come with the 2 most vital ingredients taking the shape of corn and chicken. And while some places tend to make it thicker than you'd prefer, a lot of restaurants in Colombo stick to the slightly watery version. Plus, the mix of salty chicken broth spiked with the sweet corn adds up to be a slightly bland starter that's bound to be perfect for when you're starting off your meal. 

Tomato Soup

Overshadowed by the constantly occurring Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup, Tomato soup isn't one that comes around too often. I've gone to many a restaurant and I can guarantee that out of all the places I've been, only a handful of places serve tomato soup. It's packed with flavour and oh so wholesome. 

When You Want To Feel Badass

Arguably, one of the most badass soups that turn up more often than you'd imagine happens to be the Tom Yum. For those of you who haven't had it, we really suggest you do because there isn't anything like a very good Tom Yum to completely make your experience. Packed with flavour with just the right amount of cream pulling through the coconut milk, Tom Yum soup is spicy in the perfect way and basically kicks butt inside your throat. Would recommend getting this when you're sick, because probably it's the only way to let your taste buds get a little bit of flavour. 

When The Hunger Kicks In

Say you go to a restaurant and you're impossibly hungry but don't really want to get anything solid; your best chances will surely turn up in the form of chowder. Chowder is generally supposed to be thicker than your average Joe so you're bound to get full without even knowing it. Creamy and utterly delectable (if done right), chowder can be a brilliant selection for when you want something a bit bland but not brothy like everything else. 

In Sickness & In Health 

While Tom Yum soup is pretty much a subheading in itself, it wouldn't feel right to not mention the other members in its clan who do a pretty solid job at kicking butt inside your throat when you're sick. 

Most East-Asian restaurants -particularly Korean, have a full range of dishes that pretty much come as a giant bowl of extremely spicy soup with a bowl of rice on the side. While it's more of a main than a soup, a lot of these can be eaten as a soup because it feels exactly like it. We happened to have a really nice one at KBQ a few months back which I would personally recommend getting if you're in a need for something exciting and all in all very good. 

The Perfect Date Of Your Book

Nothing goes better with a good book than a bowl of really good noodle soup and a giant pot of sweet, inky black coffee. Sure, you might have flecks of yellow liquid on the pages of your book for a while till it fades, but it's worth it. 

Nostalgic Part 2 

Whether it be at a dansala or at your grandparent's place in Ambalangoda, vegetable soup, not the fancy one, the very Lankanised one. You know, with the Maggi Soup cubes and the curry leaves is bound to make you want to feel like a kid again. Paired with the sharp taste of pepper seeping in and a stray chicken bone attempting to get lodged in your teeth, the Sri Lankan vegetable/ chicken soups can't necessarily be found in the fancier places here, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. So, when nostalgia calls in the shape of a soup, we suggesting going with it. 

How The Russians Felt

On days when you've just finished watching War and Peace for the 8th time and your mind is a mix of Petyr's and Andrei's, that is the best time to go with a leek, cabbage or potato soup. They aren't necessarily very common in restaurants here, but, say you're at home and that imagination calls at you, go for it friends. Get your not so spicy vegetables on in the name of Tolstoy and go for it. 

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