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The "Hondama Eka" At Rollo Ice Cream

Three dishes you shouldn't miss at Rollo.

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"Hondama Eka" is a paid feature that highlights the best dish/dishes in a restaurant.
*This post is brought to you by Rollo Ice Cream.

Rollo Ice Cream inside Liberty Plaza Food Court isn't just another ice cream parlour. Working side by side with their sister resto Oh La La, they craft up many wonderful treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, which is why it's not wrong to name it as the sweet hub in Liberty Plaza.
Rolled Ice Cream, Crepes (savoury and sweet), and Paninis (savoury) - these are their speciality. And in here, they'd like to tell you about the best of each kind, or simply, the "hondama thuna" at Rollo Ice Cream/Oh La La!

Nutella & Strawberry Crepe

No one in their right mind would hate the beloved love story - Nutella and Strawberry. And this Nutella Strawberry Crepe by Oh La La is a heavenly combination of the two. Featuring a heap of Nutella slathered so beautifully inside a soft crepe, Oh La La throws in an ample amount of sliced up strawberries just to make your taste buds rave.

Cheesy Chicken Panini

Oh La La has a simple yet appetising range of  Paninis in its menu, and the Cheesy Chicken Panini is a favourite among the customers for many good reasons. Comprised with an excellent homemade Panini bread and a filling that has the perfect ratio between cheese and chicken, their team has cracked the code to a simple yet delectable Panini. Oh, the portion size and the side of crispy
Fries are a definite bonus!

Choco Brownie

Many desserts may come and go, but brownies and ice cream forever hold a special place in our hearts. And much to every classic brownie lover's delight, Rollo has created the most perfect crossover between brownies and ice cream, as it introduces its very own Choco-Brownie Rolled Ice Cream!
The swirly, rolled ice cream has a lavish serving of quality chocolate and nuts both within the ice cream base and drizzled on top, and is definitely the best way to end a hearty meal.
These are three of the many dishes that one absolutely should not miss if they're stopping by Rollo Ice Cream/Oh La La joint down Libetery Plaza Food Court. They're also available for delivery through PickMe Food and Uber Eats. For more details, call at 077 232 8240.
And if you've already been to Oh La La, do let us know in the comments.
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