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The Isotonic Drink Roundup

Here is a write-up of all the Isotonic beverages available in the supermarkets today.

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In a country located seven degrees north of the equator, staying hydrated is of paramount importance! While isotonic drinks are wildly popular with sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts world-wide, the concept has gained traction in Sri Lanka only recently. 

Isotonic Drinks: What?

When a person is sweating profusely for extended periods of time, drinking too much water becomes a problem because the body is losing both water and salt in the sweat, but only the water is being replaced. This dilutes the electrolyte (salt) content of the plasma (the liquid part of the blood), and this imbalance, or lack of salt, can interfere with brain, heart and muscle function. Isotonic drinks are formulated with precise amounts of carbs and electrolytes, making it the perfect solution to combat dehydration. 

Low in sugar in comparison to carbonated drinks and juices, isotonic drinks are an acquired taste for the Sri Lankan palette but definitely a healthier deviation.


Yeti Isotonic is the only brand that contains all five electrolytes. They have also included generous amounts of B-vitamins for an added energy boost. Yeti comes in an interesting dumbbell shaped bottle design, in case your will to exercise wasn't strong enough. 
Here's what we think of their three flavours.

YETI Citrus

  • This is a delicious drink. It's actually slightly sweet, so you feel like you're having one of those jelly slurpies. The citrus flavour is fresh and delicate. Most isotonic drinks usually have a bitter after taste, but this wasn't the case here. I'd give it a strong 5/5.

YETI Blast (Blue)

  • The only blue drink in the market, YETI Blast is an acquired taste. It’s got a strangely minty, somewhat strong taste to it. The taste is complex and it’s hard for you to register all at once.  

YETI Pomegranate

  • This one is interesting. Since the dawn of the Isotonic Age here, I have been pondering why exactly someone decided to go and make pomegranate a prominent flavour. We took a small sip, blissfully unaware of its potency and fully expecting a negative reaction. It tastes exactly like pomegranate. I have no idea how. It tastes exactly like a pomegranate. This came as a shock to all of us since it was bordering on spooky. Nevertheless, I guess we all have a good flavour of isotonic beverage to enjoy now.

2. SL Sport

SL Sport is also another Sri Lankan brand that's actually got a good lemon isotonic drink. But alas, despite our many efforts we could not procure this elusive beverage. Here's what we thought about the orange version.

SL Sport Orange - SL Sport's Orange flavoured isotonic drink is every bit as promising as the title of the winner at a sports meet. You allow yourself to have expectations, but you also know that it's not going to be good. Or bad. Or even be, at all. That's sort of the vibe I got from this drink. It's very.....bland. 

The orange flavour seeps through ever so slightly, almost hushed in its presence. It's got a promising orange colour, but alas no actual orange. Stick with its lime counterpart.


Smak has long since been associated with childhood vacation nostalgia. Their boxed juices are still delicious, but their isotonic drink range? Not so much.
However, we mustn't be too harsh since we're sure that their target is all the eager and sporty kids at school. A lot of glucose is consumed during sports meets, and isotonic drinks have made their way into the foray. Sounds like the PG13 version of The Love Bar on a Friday night, hehe.

SMAK Pomegranate

  • Now we couldn't really ask for much, this ain't no Gatorade. But the pomegranate was very bad. Not good. Upon the first sip, we were stuck on not knowing whether we were tasting pomegranate or some newly discovered flavour component unique to this drink only. It was sharp and somewhat acidic. But if you're going to carry your sports meet on your shoulders and into the arms of victory- taste really shouldn't matter no?

SMAK Lemon 

  • Also not very impressive. The lemon flavour tasted more like Vim dishwash and left an unpleasant aftertaste. I suppose it wouldn't taste as bad if you were sipping on it like fine wine and trying to grasp the flavour composition. What can I say? Get it if you're in a rush and need to get them electrolytes in ASAP.

You might have noticed a few brands missing. Trust us when we say we visited nearly all the supermarkets within our range and couldn’t find them. We’ll chalk It up to the start of the new year and the sudden influx of gym enthusiasts! 

In Conclusion 

If 2019 is going to be the year that you start a fitness regimen or take your current one to an all new level, you might want to consider one of these drinks to give your workout a boost. If you’re looking for an alternative to high-sugar carbonated soft drinks to hydrate your workouts, grab an isotonic drink and stay hydrated!

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