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The Many Faces Of The AHAMU Section

The crown jewel of the YAMU site. AKA, the AHAMU section.

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Everyone knows YAMU to be the website that goes on reviews anonymously and writes about their experiences on their site. It's also a site that does taste-offs and recipes or maybe even that place you go to when you need to know what events are happening in Colombo in the near future. 

But, there's a side to the YAMU site that most of you aren't aware of, and that is the AHAMU section. An edge of the site that we too rarely visit is a literal den of extremities. Upon paying one of our once in a blue moon visits, we happened to notice how strange the section could possibly be. 

Just Business...

Take this particular conversation as an example. To the point and with as little small talk as possible, you both get what you want without any of the awkward stuff that you're afraid of. 

Escaping the Culture Police

Services Ranging From, 




(Should we be worried?)


Definitely worried! 

Stranger Things (we're not judging)

Type 1 - Questions

Type 2 - Surveys

And even some actual surveys,

Type 3 - people who have got their priorities on point 

Type 4 - Yo Mama Jokes

Type 05 - Free Self Advertising

...and we're not entirely sure what's happening here...

And neither is Ravi.

People looking for genuine advice

Unfortunate scenarios like the following

And after going through at least 1/2 of the questions asked by you lot, this had got to be the absolute best of them all!

Part 1 (the question)

Followed by Part 2 (the comment)

And Part 3 (where the link leads to)

And through it all, if there's one thing we've realised after all this, it's that even if YAMU is known for our reviews and such, nothing (and we mean nothing) beats the content on the AHAMU section. Kudos to those of you who contribute to it!

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