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The Moo Premium Milk Taste-off

Moo-licious drinks!

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Forget all the fancy cocktails and soft drinks; Moo is the newest way to beat the scorching heat in Colombo, in a healthy way!
Farm fresh milk pasteurised to the highest standards, Moo is a product by Ross Dairies. In the moo-ntains of Matale, lies their very own farm, which is where they source this fresh milk from, and later on, they add a little bit of magic to awash your taste buds with flavour. 
Right now, Moo has three flavours, and it's not the usual Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry trio that one would expect. Moo's flavours are unique, and they use high-quality ingredients in a generous manner, to make a strong flavour profile.
We had the privilege of trying out all three of them - Nutella, Nuts For Kithul and Sunrise Mocha. They serve them in small, handy, glass bottles, which are quite easy to handle. Each bottle contains 200ml of moo-goodness!
Since they pasteurise the milk with a lot of care, it secures maximum nutritional content, so it's not just flavour you get from this moo-licious stuff. However, it's non-homogenised, and therefore, the separation of the milk does occur. So make sure you give it a good shake before consumption. 


No one in the right mind would hate Nutella, don't you agree? Rich with chocolate and hazelnut, this silky smooth spread can bring out the best in pretty much anything. And Moo's Nutella flavoured milk is enough testament to that.

Every sip of this had the distinct nutty and chocolaty kicks of Nutella. There's no added sugar here, only the sweetness that comes from Nutella itself, and it's perfect.

The milk had a light texture, and its consistency was spot on. Superb!

Nuts For Kithul

Comprised of nuts and Kithul (as the name promises), it'd be nuts not to love this treat. Moo's Nuts For Kithul is packed with chopped up Almonds, and Kithul infused, pasteurised fresh milk. 

The sweetness of the milk is what grabs your attention first, and then comes a load of almond bits, followed by the unique flavour notes of kithul. This one also doesn't have any added sugar, so all the sweetness it has, is drawn from the kithul itself.

The playful crunch added by the almonds is really something. In fact, it reminded us of the flavour of the Pani Kaju ice cream. 

Sunrise Mocha

Dinesh and I were the biggest fans of this. The least sweet one out of the three, Sunrise Mocha is Moo's equivalent to an Iced Mocha, and a darn good one at that.

With the perfect balance between coffee and cocoa powder, the Sunrise Mocha has sugar in it, but in the right ratio, so it doesn't overpower any of the other elements. The cocoa powder does a wonderful job in toning down the bitterness of the coffee, while the sugar further eases it up. We quite enjoyed this mingle of flavours that go hand in hand with each other.

It's essential to note that with the right temperature, these products by Moo make for a fine summertime (which is pretty much every day in Colombo) drink. Plus, they have the ability to nourish your body.

Moo Premium Milk can be purchased via PickMe Food, Uber Eats and at Celeste and Home Bargains. They're also planning to make them available at Isso, 24 Seven, Bowl'd, Saaraketha, Online Kade and The Outlet Store, soon.

For more details, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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